Sunday, 25 January 2015

How much should you workout per week?

This is a never ending debate about how often we should workout, for how long, at what intensity...BLAH BLAH BLAH. Here is the bottom line...JUST DO IT!!!

So many people get caught in the details that they end up setting their expectations of themselves and what they can do too high and then when they can't meet them, they throw in the towel all together.
After training for 14yrs here is what I can tell you;
1) COMMIT to giving it your all for at least 30 days (it takes 21 days to create a habit)
2) You MUST workout more than 2x week to see results, and RESULTS are what motivates you to keep going
3) WORK HARD!! You have to put the effort in to get what you want out of it. Everyone is different what their "all" is but if you want to see a change you gotta WORK for it. You will feel tired, sore sometimes, and like jelly BUT you will also feel PROUD, ACCOMPLISHED and MOTIVATED because you will be able to lift more weight, go for longer cardio, hold a plank for longer, not be as out of breath in everyday life and just have ENERGY!!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Tips to cleanse out the Holiday Sugars

Welcome to 2015, a new year and a fresh start to accomplishing your goals and being the YOU that you've always wanted to be.
Most of us have had a few weeks of too much alcohol, desserts, rich foods and late nights. All these things add up and can pack on pounds, hold onto water and make you VERY tired and lethargic.
Here are a few tips to follow over the next 2 weeks to cleanse out your body and get you feeling better fast;

  • Drink 2 Litres of water EVERY DAY- get a mason jar (1L) and fill it up in the morning with warm water and lemon (if you have) and drink it through the morning/mid-day then fill up again and finish by bedtime and BAM you did it!
  • Have a smoothie for breakfast- use dairy free milk, a vegan shake mix, 1-2tbsp coconut oil, chia seed, flax seed and hemp heart (they give lots of plant based proteins) add a handful of greens (spinach/kale) then your fav fruits and enjoy. This will fill you up for a LONG time and is full of nutrient rich foods with fibre, fat and protien
  • cut out WHEAT, SUGAR & DAIRY; I know this seems like a big feat but it is 100% doable and not as hard as you may think. If you have the smoothies outlined above and eat MANY fruits and Veg throughout the day (and add Juice Plus Capsules for added nutrients), you will not have cravings or be hungry.

This is called a nutritional cleanse which uses real food to help you get rid of toxins and balance out your micro nutrients in your body instead of restriction fad diets that don't cleanse your body, they keep toxins in, you then drop some weight BUT don't clean out the toxins make you crave again and weight goes back on. A nutritional cleanse will allow you to get weight off and KEEP IT OFF instead of the fad diet yo-yo-in that happens to most people.

If you need more tips or info for exercises you can do anywhere to tighten and tone, email me at