Sunday, 16 December 2012

January Program registration open NOW!

Check out and click on calendar (Jan) to see a full line up of all our programs. Choose which you would like to register for then follow the prompts to register.
We are so thankful for what an amazing year 2012 has been at Performance Fitness and we are pumped about 2013. I'm adding a new member to our family but also Performance Fitness is adding 2 new members in Elise Cunningham and Jeff McClellan.
Jeff and Elise have background in kinesiology, working with physio patients, cancer patients, teaching Phs. Ed as well as fitness equipment sales and Nordic Walking Certifications. They bring many attributes that we know will add benefit for all our clients.
Lets make 2013 an even more memorable year! Join us, starting the week of Jan 7 for our group programs or contact me at to discuss personal training or our weight loss program.

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