Friday, 23 August 2013

Performance Fitness hits the tv screen AGAIN!!!

Check us out on Daytime York Region, Tuesday Sept 17th @ 10am LIVE!!

We will be showing the viewers a NO EXCUSES workout! This means no matter where you are or if you only have 15mins, you can still burn lots of calories, increase your heart rate, boost your energy and help tone up your muscles...oh yeah and with NO EQUIPMENT!
Tune in for some great exercises and tips on easy ways to fit fitness into your day no matter what.

We will be on each month from Sept-Dec discussing different fitness topics with Jacqueline Betterton so keep an eye out for our dates each month. If you miss the show, we will have the clips on shortly after each show airs.

See you in the studio..or on your tv screen!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Why Small Group Training gets HUGE results!

There are so many HUGE benefits to working out with a group of people; motivation, competition, being social, accountability to the group and all that on top of a WICKED WORKOUT! We have found at Performance Fitness that our personal training services expanded into the group training field all because of a request from a client 2yrs ago. Since we launched our first BOOTCAMP (2x week) we now offer 18 group workouts/week!!
The difference between Performance Fitness Group Training and a class that you would attend at a gym is;
·        1. We measure results- at the beginning, middle and end of each 8 week session we take weight and measurements (if client wants to). This was you can literally see the results in a matter of 4-6weeks!
·        2.  No 2 workouts are EVER the same! The trainers base the workouts on clients goals at the beginning of the session. We always have the same focus; challenging your cardio, increasing your strength, toning and core BUT hit those areas differently all the time
·        3.  We use tools such as; TRX, ViPR, BOSU, Kettle bells, Agility Ladder and so much more all in one workout
·       4.  It’s PERSONAL! You will develop a relationship with your trainer and become like a friend. We LOVE what we do and inspiring people means investing in their lives. All your fellow exercises buddies also become friends and you become accountable to each other to be there each workout
·         If you have a previous injury or modification that needs to be made, the trainers always accommodate without question and work with you to create the best workout for each client. 
5. The last and sometimes most important benefit to Group Programs is the cost, it is substantially less than private training but you still get the amazing benefits and personal care when you train with us.

We are proud to offer a variety of programs: Performance Circuit, The Ultimate Performance, Muscle Performance (Men Only), Extreme Performance, Athletic Performance & Performance Girlz, Hot Mamas and MORE!!

For more information on program descriptions, dates and prices please visit or call Paula Man at 905-715-2666

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Drop-In Programs & Specialty Programs Offered @ Performance Fitness

Since we are starting the next 8 week session of group programs the week of Sept 9, we have decided to still offer some groups on a drop-in basis the week before so those that still can attend are not left without options.
Please see the schedule below and let us know which you will attend.

Monday Sept 2- HOLIDAY
Tuesday Sept 3
9am Performance Circuit (kirstin)
7pm- Muscle Performance (Men Only)-Jeff
Wednesday Sept 4-
12noon- Lunch Performance Circuit (elise)
5pm- York Region Performance Circuit (kirstin)
7pm- Performance Circuit (kirstin)
Thursday Sept 4-
9 am- Performance Circuit (kirstin)
6pm- Athletic Performance (Paula)
7pm- Muscle Performance (Men Only) (jeff)
Friday Sept 5-
12 noon- Lunch Performance Circuit (Paula)
5pm- York Region Performance Circuit (Elise)
Saturday Sept 7-
8am- 90Min Bootcamp!! (Paula)

Payment for these classes can either be added to your registration for Sept/Oct programs or you can bring payment with you when you come ($16.95). Debit and credit card payments are available at Reception.
We are so PUMPED about this Fall with you at Performance Fitness.
See you in the studio

Specialty Programs COMING THIS FALL:
Nordic Walking Group- Mondays @ 6:30pm & Fridays @ 9:30am, you can choose 1 or 2 days/wk. Starts the week of Sept 9th
Older Adults Group Training- This workout will start in October. It will be run by Elise Cunningham, a Kinesiologist. It will incorporate specific exercises to increase strength, balance, flexibility and joint range of motion. If you are looking for a program specifically designed for your body as it ages and is overseen by a trained kinesiologist and where you can workout with other Baby Boomers, this is the program for YOU! 
If you or your parents/friends are interested please contact Paula Man at

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

New CONTEST begins in Sept!!

Well time has come to bring on a little competition with yourself again. The contest we ran in April went SO well, we've been working on what to bring you next to keep you motivated and having fun with your workouts.
Since we will be coming out of summer vacation we decided to make this challenge a COMMITMENT CHALLENGE. So its you against your goals, your schedule, things that get in the way of your workouts.

How it works:

  • you register for whichever program works into your schedule
  • we calculate how many sessions that would be over the 8 weeks
  • we then keep attendance 
  • to WIN a prize you have to attend the total # of classes that you registered for
**if something comes up and you cannot make the class you were registered for, you can attend a different day/time to make that session up. Just contact your trainer to make sure the group has room**

So this challenge is all about making a commitment to YOU and DOING IT!! Not letting anything get you down, make you loose your momentum and allowing you to SEE THE RESULTS from your commitment. For some this may seem really hard cause of "life" but i PROMISE you, it will be worth it solely for the feeling of the accomplishment, being proud of yourself that you made the commitment to YOU and nothing got in your way. Also, the results you will see for working out consistently.

Dates of Contest: Sept 9- Nov 1 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Off they go to CAMP

Well the time has come, my almost 6yr old and 4yr old are off to daycamp for 2 weeks full time. I have never had any of my kids in full time school yet either until this Sept so its a BIG STEP for this mama. Its nuts in my house when I have all 4 kids tuesdays & thursdays i admit BUT we still do have a lot of fun together and I cherish the time i get to have with my kids.
Most friends have told me i'll love the time with just the 2 little ones once school starts but right now I'm in sad mode. My girls are growing up too fast!! They are so ready but mommy & daddy just want to keep them in a little cocoon for a few more years, LoL!!
SO camp is my slow transition into school; the lunches are prepped the night before, bags packed, kids excited...

Thursday, 8 August 2013

BRAND NEW at Performance Fitness in SEPTEMBER

Check out what we are NOW offering to our amazing clients starting September 2013;

  • 9am Performance Circuit Class- Mon-Thurs @ 9am
  • Extreme Performance Group- Saturdays @ 8-9am
  • Tween Girl Workout (ages 9-12)- Saturdays at 12pm
We are adding these along with all our regular groups that you know and love. BUT they now have new names!!
"Bootcamp" is now Performance Circuit
The Ultimate Workout is now Ultimate Performance
York Region Bootcamp is York Region Performance Circuit
Muscle Up (Men Only) is now Muscle Performance

Looking forward to all the NEW and awesome programs combined with our "usual" to get you some AMAZING results

The never-ending debate; When is the best time of day to workout???

I have people ask me this A LOT! There have been so many contradictory studies, reports, research to tell us WHEN we should workout to burn the most fat or lose the most weight, how do you know what to believe?
Well what it boils down to is;
Whatever time of day you can push yourself the hardest and challenge yourself the most is when you will burn the most calories. So if you are a morning person and you are at your peak for workouts in the morning, then that is your BEST time my friend. If you have to drag yourself to the gym in the morning and convince yourself to just get on the machine then that's NOT your time.
Try each time out (early morning, lunch, afternoon, evening) and see when you feel the best, strongest, most focused on your workout and you will quickly find when YOUR TIME is.


Monday, 5 August 2013

More active with Age

I was just in South Carolina for 2 weeks on vacation and had ALL the intentions in the world to get more running in than I have been at home cause "life" has been getting in my way lately....NOPE! I did run a few times for sure and skipped as well, which i need to do more of cause my calves were tight as guitar strings for 2 days!!!
The one thing that never ceased to make me smile every day though were these 2 older gentlemen who were out either on thier bikes or walking ALL the time! They were motoring, sweating and smiling and waving at every car that passed them. I WANT THAT!! These men would be 70+ and obviously retired and they were just loving life and looking good.
SO many times I hear from people that they would like to get thier parents more active because they seem older than they really are because of thier balance or strength issues, well I'm here to tell you YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO START EXERCISING!!!
We even have a kinesiologist on staff who specialises and has a passion for working with older adults, so if there are injuries, degenerative issues, chronic pain...we can work with it all and improve your quality of life.
So keep on smiling and keep active, or START getting active.