Friday, 28 September 2012

Full Fall Schedule is NOW out! Register ASAP

Performance Fitness Fall Programs
Register ASAP for what suits you best & let us SHOW you what you are capable of!

The Ultimate Workout
Mon/Wed/Fri @ 6:25-7:15am
Mon Oct 22- Fri Nov 30 (6wks)
$305.10incl tax

Lunch Bootcamp
Mon/Wed/Fri @ 12-1pm
Mon Oct 22- Fri Nov 30 (6 wks)
Choose 2 or 3 days/wk; 2 days $203.40incl tax, 3 days $305.10incl tax

York Region Employee Bootcamp
Mon/Wed/Fri @ 5-6pm
Mon Oct 22- Fri Nov 30 (6wks)
Choose 2 or 3 days/wk; 2 days $203.40, 3 days $305.10incl tax

Evening Bootcamp
Mon/Wed @ 7-8pm
Mon Oct 22- Wed Nov 28 (6wks)
$203.4incl tax

Muscle Up (MEN ONLY)
Tues/Thurs @ 7-8pm
Tues Oct 30- Thurs Nov 29 (5wks)
$169.50incl tax

Cardio/Core Blast
Tuesday/Thursday @ 9-10am
Tuesday Oct 23- Thurs Nov 29 (6wks)

Stroller Fit
Tues/Thurs @ 11-12pm
@ Tom Taylor Trail off St. Johns Side Road
Tues Oct 16- Thurs Nov 22 (6wks)

ViPR class
Saturdays 8-9am
Oct 20- Nov 24 (6wks)
$101.70incl tax

Specials Events:
Fall Kick-Off 90min Bootcamp- Sat Oct 13, 8:30-10am, $15

Couples Bootcamp- $40/couple
Sat Oct 13- 5:30- 6:45pm
Sat Oct 27- 5:30-6:45pm

Contact to register for programs.
Space is limited so register early!


ViPR Class on the Schedule Weekly!!

I introduced you all to my new favourite piece of equipment a month ago now and you have all tried, FELT and loved the ViPR! We did a demo class recently and because of the feedback we have now added a ViPR specific class to our weekly schedule.

Saturdays @ 8-9am
Oct 20- Nov 24 (6 wks)
Only $101.70 incl class

NO OTHER gym/studio/facility in York Region has the program, come see why this is your tool for definition, calorie burn and tone!

Register quickly, we can only take 8 participants & as of Oct 2 only 2 spaces left!
Register at

StrollerFit is BACK for the FALL!!!

Performance Fitness is bringing back Stroller Fit by popular demand!

Warm-up as group in the gorgeous fresh air!
Warm-up with brisk walking with your stroller then do cardio intervals with speed walking and slower paced walking to burn major calories.

Combine the cardio intervals with strength training and core work to tone and tighten your whole body! You will get off that baby weights and be in even better shape than before! All while meeting other new mama's and talking about "mommy issues".

Join us for this 6 week program starting Tuesday Oct 16- Thurs Nov 22
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 11am on the Tom Taylor Trail starting off St. John's side road just east of Yonge (park by law firm)
Only $203.40incl tax for all 12 sessions!
Register at

Check out for more info on all the programs Performance Fitness offers for mama's & babies

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Check out the Performance Fitness Studio!!

 Performance Fitness Studio has you "usual" gym quality Treadmills, Spin Bikes, Elliptical, Leg Press, Bench Press, Preacher Curl Bench and Free Weights
We also have your "not so typical" functional training tools such as; kettlebells, TRX Suspension Trainers, TRX RIP Trainers, ViPR, Medicine Balls, BOSU, Stability Balls, Tubing and Gliders

Probably the most "non-traditional" tools you will see in our studio is our baby toys! We have exersaucers, bouncy chairs, playpens and LOTS of toys for little ones to play with while mama's get their workout in.

We pride ourselves on have the most effective, current and efficient pieces of equipment in order to get our clients the results they are looking for and to be the BEST Personal Training Studio in all of York Region.
Come see why we have so many happy, fit, strong and dedicated clients!

Stretching is key to success!

Majority of the time I spend "tightening and toning" clients muscles but ALL of my clients know and will repeatedly hear me talk about the importance of stretching and how it will effect your results. If all you do is tighten tighten tighten your body will eventually fight you back and stop you in your tracks.
The main goal in fitness should 1st and foremost be to make everyday life better; be able to play with your kids/grandkids without tiring, pick-up and move things around the house without straining your back, play a pick-up tennis match with minimal issues, etc. Without flexibility and if you just focus on strength you will not be able to do those things. Many times you will also create new issues and imbalances in your body.
More and more these days i see the importance of starting from the foundation and working up from there. I work with many physio therapy patients at LifeSpring Physio Therapy where my studio is located and I have had the pleasure of being able to work along side their physio therapist to speed up recovery and train patients bodies so that they no longer have the imbalance or weakness and are stronger going forward in life to prevent anymore injury/issues.
Inflexibility is the cause of so many issues. Make sure you stretch out your hips, glutes (bum), upper back and open up your chest. Many times all people do is the front and back of their legs, it's not enough. If you can fit yoga into your schedule even once a week DO IT! Yoga will give you a guided stretch like no other and your body will thank you for it.
So make sure you stretch, even a little bit everyday. Make sure you are warm before you stretch, whether it means you did 30 step ups on your stairs, a walk/jog/bike, or you are in the shower...make sure your body is physically warm before you try and stretch or you can pull your muscles.
Try 15-20mins every day for a week and if you don't feel better, message me!


Saturday, 15 September 2012

Now that you've tried it, who LOVES the ViPR?

As mentioned a few weeks back, we have added a new piece of equipment to the Performance Fitness Studio called the ViPR. I am  certified ViPR instructor and Kirstin will be in 2 weeks and we are so excited to bring this new and amazing training tool to you.
For those of you that have seen them, they don't really look like much...a weighted rubber tube with handles; how much can that really do right?! WRONG!
The ViPR is more of a "let me show you" kind of thing than a "let me tell you", you need to experience it for yourself to see how effective it is at targeting muscle groups.
So now that many of you have tried the ViPR, we want your feedback; do you love it? is it  something you would like to see on our schedule? a Group ViPR class?
Let us know and we will plan around what our clients want.

Have a great week-end!

Monday, 10 September 2012

How badly do you want it?

We all have goals for ourselves whether they are at work, with our family, our kids, health, spirituality...or much more. Unfortunately there are also SO many of us that want those things for ourselves but we are not ready to take the steps or make the sacrifices to get there, so our goals are put to the side and many times we live a mediocre life wishing for those dreams/goals but settling for less.
I deal with clients fitness goals all day, everyday! Most of the time I will hear one of these three things; 1)lose weight, 2)tone up, 3) lose body fat/increase muscle mass. All these goals are 100% attainable BUT and this is a huge BUT, it all depends on what the clients are willing to do to get to those goals.
Many times we are just afraid of failure that we just don't even try or give our dreams the time and passion they deserve! For those clients who have given me everything I have asked of them to get them to their goals, I have to coach some through dealing with their success. I know that may seem strange because we should all be so happy when we reach where we want to know what tends to happen though, THEY SURPASS THEIR GOALS and it can be a scary thing be exciting too! You can be that person you dream of, you can be in the shape you want to be in, YOU CAN!!!
You need to put worth into yourself though and be willing to deal with haters, deal with other things that will get in your way and temp you to fall off the wagon, and deal with your mind trying to talk you out of it when you get tired. How important are you? How important is your life? How much of an influence do you have on your family and friends? How much could you encourage others to step up and feel worth and confidence and be proud of what they have accomplished? When its put that way, how selfish does it feel to not see what your potential is. You have been given a choice...what will you choose for your life?
You CAN be, look like, feel like and inspire others like you are dreaming of.
Dream it, write it down and get it!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Every little bit counts

I get asked every week, "How much exercise do I need to do on my own to get me the results I want?" and I have to tell people that every little bit goes towards the end goal. Yes ideally we do 60mins of activity with our heart rates elevated and blood pumping each week MINIMUM...BUT if you don't have an hour to commit 3-4times a week then split it up! If you did 30mins morning and 30mins at night then there is 60mins or if you did 30mins 6x per week that would be great too.
I have a lot of clients who come see me 2-3 times per week and are looking for a little more calorie burn or core strength or leg tone and adding in 20mins another 2 days/wk is not unrealistic at all. Doing some planking, squats, lunges, Push-Ups or if you have equipment at home your options are much larger, BUT if you do 1 set of maximum (which means till you can do no more properly) of about 6 exercises, you will get a great sweat on, burn lots of calories and definitely gain strength and tone!
So don't think just because you don't have an hour to workout that you should skip it and try again tomorrow, take that time and make it the best 15, 20, 30mins of your day! You will fell amazing and be so happy you did!

If you need help choosing which exercises would be the most effective for your goals just e-mail me at