Thursday, 26 September 2013

Do you take in less water when its cold out?

In the summer and warm weather, most of us don't have too much trouble drinking a nice big glass of water many times a day. So getting our recommended 2-3L of water isn't such a core BUT when the weather gets cool out, drinking cold water becomes not-so-enjoyable anymore because it can make us even colder.
Here are some ideas to make your water taste better, warmer and easier to drink;

  • add fruit/veg/spices to your water bottle in the morning so the flavours diffuse into the water; raspberries, blueberries, lemon, lime, cucumber, cinnamon sticks, min leaves, what ever your favourites are
  • drink warm water with lemon slices
  • herbal teas are another option to make "getting your water in" more enjoyable

So those are just a few ways to help you keep getting that MUCH NEEDED water in through out the fall and winter months. Combine a little of each idea for the best results and you won't feel board drinking straight old boring water all the time.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Do your glutes fire when you run??? Mine didn't!!!

I am in the process of training for a half marathon with a group of clients and we have 6 weeks until race day. As our mileage increases I notice the a stiffness and some swelling happening in my "bad knee". This knee is the one that I have a full ACL replacement done on it 14yrs ago but I have had no issues since. I have also not trained for more than a 10km race in over 2.5 years (and 2 children ago). So there are many factors that have attributed to a weakness all down my left leg so I am very aware of the weakness and that I need to strengthen it more than my right.
With being a personal trainer, I am very aware of my body and how it feels and how I run; my gait, my foot placement, etc. When I was out for my long run this past Sunday, I started to get an ache in my knee but relatively early into my run so I got a little worried. I work with many physio therapist on rehab training with client/patients, so I get to pick their brain on lots of injuries, weaknesses and why they happen. I have recently been discussing runners with one of the therapists and GLUTES NOT FIRING IN PROPER SEQUENCES is a HUGE problem for runners and can cause a lot of problems in the hips and knees, especially when you increase your mileage.
So I decided to do a little experiment on myself; With every step i really focused on my bum squeezing as soon as my foot landed. HOLY CRAP DOES THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 
1) my knee ache went away almost immediately because i was using the right muscles to absorb the impact and then propel me forward into the next step.
2) using my glutes propelled me forward so easily and made me literally run faster without speeding up my stride or more work for my heart!

So here is the lesson to all you runners; Make sure you have proper running technique which means your GLUTES FIRING with every step and you will be faster, stronger and Less injuries! Be aware that this takes practise and really being aware of "how you are running" each time you are out. It will eventually become second nature but you MUST practise it.

Happy running

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Miss us on York Region Daytime this week? Here is the link

Hey Everyone,
We just wanted to share the link from our segment on York Region Daytime this past Tuesday Sept 18th. We discussed how you can do even 15mins of exercising with minimal to no equipment and still be effective at burning calories. We also demonstrated and coached on technique for basic body weight exercises.

Let us know what you think!


Sunday, 15 September 2013

since when are the 30's "getting old"?

I am training for another 1/2 marathon (first in almost 3yrs) and I am SO achy after my long runs! I know getting old does mean that we "feel" our bodies more when we challenge them but seriously..I'm only 33!! I have had SO many clients in my 13+ years of training tell me that between 30-35 is when they noticed certain things like losing weight, eating right, not gaining weight when you even thought about dessert all go harder. Well I'm feeling you my friends!
I do have to add that I have had ACL replacement surgery in the one knee that is giving me the aches so I know that is a huge factor BUT i have run MANY long races since my surgery 15yrs ago without many issues. I know have to ice bath, traumeel and stretch like a banshee to walk somewhat normal the next day!
anyways, just an observation about life in its different stages..and how its hitting me!

Friday, 13 September 2013

how much does food effect your mood?

This story is my personal experience so take what you will from it but i hope that even one tidbit of my experience will resonate with someone and help you on your way to realising a healthier lifestyle is achievable.

My husband used to tell me that he dreaded when I got pregnant because I was so moody when I was hungry, so it would be 10 times worse if I was carrying a baby! To his credit, I completely agree! I get irritable, cranky and the massive headaches/migraines are the worst case.
My body is very sensitive to foods or lack of food. A lot of it has to do with me learning to listen to my body as well and knowing the signs and symptoms of when I need more protein, water or have had too much processed foods/sugars. If you can pay attention to how you feel after a meal or when you have gone too long without food or if you mainly feed your body processed carbs, you will know what to do.
Here are some tips that I TRY (being the key word) to live by so i don't turn into that crazy person my husband dreads (ha ha ha);

  • always have a 500-750ml water bottle with me
  • keep snacks such as nuts, fruit, boiled eggs & cheese on hand
  • don't go longer than 2-3hrs without eating 
  • balance out my eating to keep blood sugar levels even throughout the day so no blood sugar drops or spikes
  • Start my day off with a jam packed smoothie or granola for breakfast, it sets my body and brain up for a great start
Honestly, just BE PREPARED for your day! Have snacks and water on hand. Plan lunches/meals ahead of time so its quick and easy to grab in the morning.  Make it manageable for you BUT understand that when you start to make this type of eating a way of life, you will feel amazing and won't want to go back to those grumpy cranky days when you didn't have the right food to fuel your body.

Get ready to be in a GOOD MOOD and have energy ALL DAY LONG!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Like Looking In the Mirror

So my oldest daughter started back to gymnastics last night and as a part of her 3hr program they do a strength segment towards the end. So i see them pair up and then they are given a certain # of pushups and sit ups to do, the partner is to count for them. So i watch my daughter bang out her 20 sit ups, then its her turn to count for her partner. This little girl got to 16 then had to take a break then all i hear from Abby is "You are at 16, COME ON JUST DO IT!"...then the little girl does another 2 then stops and again Abby's voice is heard saying "JUST DO IT! They were both laughing by the way.
I watched the same thing happen with their push ups and I just about died! It was like watching Jillian Michaels on the biggest loser...tough love!
That's your smile for the day from me!