Thursday, 31 May 2012

Organic Local Produce it is!!

I'm so pumped! I've done some research and found that Zephyr Organics is a great value, delivers to York Region and is priced really well. The Deliveries start the week of June 15 and run through November. On their website they have the seasonal growing chart so you can see what months each veggie/fruit grows in, We are going to order the Weekly Half Share which includes;

"Receive 10 certified organic, fresh and locally grown vegetable (and occasional fruit and herb) items each week for 20 weeks, delivered right to your doorstep. An example of the quantity of each item is 3 zucchini, a head of cabbage or a bunch of broccoli. The weekly half share is an excellent choice for families of 3 or 4 who would prefer to receive mostly traditional North American staples such as lettuce and carrots with a smaller quantity of ethnic and novelty items like kale, baby bok choy and okra."

The produce is delivered to your door each week for 20weeks and is all organic and grown in Zephyr, Ontario. The farm also recommends you come visit the farm at some point and take a look at how they grow their produce and they even say you can help if you want! They have a local produce "Store" at the farm as well. The pricing was awesome in my opinion; we will pay $28.50/wk and still have money left in the budget for the fruit/veggies that may not come in the basket that week but we want!
There is an open house happening this Saturday June 2nd. Check out for more details.

As far at meat goes, the jury is still out. I have been recommended a few local suppliers of organic meat, which also supply to Nature's Emporium but I would assume the price would be a little cheaper buying straight from the farm. They sell packages, samplers or huge orders. They will deliver if your order if you'd like which i LOVE.
Here are two options for local organic meat that I had recommended to me; - Brooker's Meat in Schomberg - Beretta Organics in Etobicoke
I'd love to know of any others that you may know of.

What Fruits & Veggies Should we Buy Organic and What is "OK" to buy regular? Below is a post from Jenn Pike's blog (Holistic Nutritionist):
The list she has compiled is also the same list i received from my Naturopath Lisa Bloomer. Talk a look and Shop right.
Thank-you to Lisa Bloomer, N.D & Jenn Pike, Holistic Nutritionist
Jenn Pike-
Lisa Bloomer-

Stay tuned for more info!


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Should we go 100% organic??

So i am debating the importance of organic fruits and veggies vs. non-organic. Is it important to have all veggies/fruit organic or only specific ones? I have heard so many differing opinions and which ones to get organic. Why would certain foods be better organic than others? I need to do more research on it, but bottom line is, I don't want pesticides in my or my families bodies.
I love the idea of buying local produce first of all, support our local businesses and farmers but sometimes that does mean going out of my way to get them. Thankfully we have stores like Nature's Emporium that supply all organic fruit and veggies but not necessarily local.
I've been recommended a few local farms that deliver to your door in-season fruits and veggies. Its like a farm share program where they grow it for you then drop it off to your house. A very cool idea! But there is also the consideration, what if its not all the produce you want then you have to go buy more on top of the cost for the delivery... so much to consider.
Then there is the cost; is it THAT much more expensive to buy organic? If you don't eat your produce before it goes bad then yes, that's a lot of money down the drain for sure BUT if you use all you buy then i guess the real question is "How much is your body worth?" What price would you put on proper body function, absorption of good mineral & vitamins, minimal toxins in your system, less chance of cancers...and SO MUCH MORE.
I'm still weighing in on the whole thing and haven't made my decision yet but i do realise that it is important and I need to choose better for my family. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I plan on asking my Holistic Nutritionist friends and my Naturopath for their feedback and I'll keep you posted for sure.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

KidsFit @ Performance Fitness

Welcome to the newest program at Performance Fitness:

This program is designed to teach kids the importance of activity in their lives but also just to learn some new skills such as balance, hand/eye coordination, sharing, taking turns, team work. They will also get positive affirmation and encouragement to help build self esteem. Join Paula Man, mother of 3 young girls for a fun, 4weeks of this one-of-a-kind kids program.

Tuesdays @ 4:30-5:15pm
June 5th-26th (4 weeks)
Ages: 4-7yrs old
Cost: $67.80 incl tax
Register ASAP as we will only be taking 6 kids

I'm SO excited about this program. Also keep your eyes peeled for our Parent & Child Classes starting soon too!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Proper Plank Technique

I have had MANY clients over my 12+ yrs of training tell me they can't plank because it hurts their back too much or they can't push-up because of their lower back giving out before their arms do. The first thing i usually do is ask them to show me how they do the exercise and we'll assess technique. Approx 85% of the time the main issue is technique! They can plank or push-up BUT they have NO PELVIC TILT!
The Pelvic tilt is the #1 piece of the puzzle in order to perform most exercises properly and effectively. To perform a pelvic tilt you roll your hip bones up towards your ribs and tuck your tailbone under and HOLD! The hardest part for most people is to then hold it, it requires strength in the lower abs and the deep muscles in the pelvic floor. It is a practised movement so you may not get it 100% on your first few tries but don't give up. This movement is the key to being able to tighten that lower abdomen and flatten out under your belly button. It is also the key to releasing A LOT of lower back pain. Many times back pain is due to week core muscles, so by planking and doing it properly, you can reduce and even completely eliminate lower back pain. I had a client tell me last night that after seeing his chiropractor for 5 yrs because of constant back pain and he was told that things are out of alignment because of his job and some injuries he's had so its going to be like this for life; his back is like it belongs to a totally different person now! She told him she cannot believe the difference in just 6 weeks of regular working out and specifically core work (planks)! I was ecstatic! That is why i love my job people!
So happy planking and if you have any questions...ask away!! This is what I love and what I do so I'm hear to spread the wealth!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hot Mama Workout- mommy & baby class

Our next session of "Hot Mama" will begin June 19. This program is based around Moms fitness goals but uses your baby in a carrier to increase the cardio workout and some strength moves. Babies get to play as well while moms use all the latest and most effective tools in the Performance Fitness studio to transform their body.
Come & join us for some baby bonding, laugh & kick you butt into shape!

June 19- July 12 (4 weeks)
Tuesdays & thursdays
$136.60 incl tax

Contact to register

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Ultimate Playlist

I need your help everyone, I want to know what song/music genre pumps you up. I tend to stick with the more current music but more and more I'm finding the older rock or pop that I never would have listened to before is awesome too!
I want to make a massive play list that has everyones favs on it so I can just crank the music when I'm making you do that extra 30sec or 5 reps when you think you are finished. You can get lost in that music and push through. I'm going to post the final play list on my blog for those of you needing some motivation for your workouts at the gym or home. I'll post a cardio play list as well for those runners and riders.
For those clients I spin with during our sessions...wicked songs with heavy beats are our friend! Send me some ideas and we'll push through the burn!
Comment below with one or LOTS of ideas.
Have a great day


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My hotty Hubby is losing his wheat belly!

Ok so as many of you know, Nick and I embarked on our Wheat Freedom about 6wks ago now. We soon realised that Nick has a serious sensitivity to wheat, to the point when he in bend over in serious gut pain or in the bathroom right after eating it!
So now that we have realised that and he has come to accept the fact that whatever is in our modern day wheat is SO NOT GOOD for us, he has been incredible. Not to say he hasn't had some treats here and there, but he is eating tons of veggies, fish, lean meats, salads, fruit, cheese, nuts, yogurt, eggs, ect.
He was away for 3 days working on a cottage and when he came home i couldn't help but notice..his Wheat Belly is almost gone! He actually had 3 people ask him how much weight he had lost now...10lbs people!! He feels great and looks amazing, so if you think you cannot take wheat our of your diet cause you just love bread too much...look at my hubby! He is a carb monster, well he used to be, now he's a lean mean muscle machine! LOL
Way to go babe!

Hormone & Adrenal Testing Today

So I'm off my coffee for a day in order to complete my hormone and adrenal testing. It is a saliva test that you do at home, 4 times through out the day so they can get a picture of what your body does throughout the day, not just at one time. Not hard at all actually and I'm getting pumped about my next apt in a  few weeks to see my results!
It has to be done between days 19-22 of your cycle in order to be accurate. There are a lot of factors that could through off the testing too so you need to be ready & plan snacks out cause you can't eat an hour before each sample is taken but it really is painless and quite easy.
So stay tuned for results and the "plan".
I have also been  taking my magnesium and actually do feel more rested and relaxed. I wake up and I'm ready to get up, not hitting snooze 5 times. I will also be meeting with my M.D. in a few weeks about lower the dose of my blood pressure medication! So excited about that.
So many awesome changes and interesting insight to my body over the last few weeks and in the coming few weeks.
So glad you are joining me on the journey

Friday, 18 May 2012

Note to all Mama's on O.B. vs Midwife...both good, what will you choose?

I was chatting with some mama's at our Stroller Fit Program today about our delivery experiences and we got chatting about the difference between O.B. and midwives. I had a great O.B. for my 1st 2 pregnancies but when I got pregnant with my 3rd and knew this would most likely be my last, I knew I wanted to do all I could to not be induced 3rd time around. So after talking with quite a few clients I booked an appt to just chat with the Midwives of York Region about their services. Here is why i was sold on it;
#2) You don't have to have a home birth, Southlake works Amazingly well with the midwives of York region
#3) You can get an epidural if needed and no one will judge. We all have our birth plans and want we want to happen and a midwife has all that in your file and will remind you of what you wanted and help you cope, deal with pain and has MANY resources that are natural to help if you are trying to go "drug free". BUT if you do opt for an epidural, that's OK to. The midwives are there to do whats best for you and your baby.
#4) So many amazing experiences from friends and clients who had used midwives, I couldn't not at least explore the option.

So for me at 37.5 weeks when my Blood Pressure started to creep my midwives recommended acupuncture, homeopathy and some herbs and with using these things I was able to go in for induction (crying cause I didn't want it) and find out i was 100% effaced and at 3cm dilated! So all they needed to do was break my water and into labour i went!Great experience for me so I wanted to share that with anyone interested or considering a Midwife. LOVE THEM!!

So for those of you I spoke with today, take a look next baby around and see what you think. Call AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU ARE PREGNANT cause they do get booked up very quickly.


Education is our 1st line of defense

I am looking to compile a list of resources for my clients of current articles, resources and information. If you have a favorite site, magazine, podcast...i would love to know. Being educated is half the battle in our health and fitness challenges. So many times I am speaking with clients about food issues, weight issues, body shaping issues and there is info I share that seems 2nd nature to me but many people just have never been told. I want to share, educate and inform people as much as possible so we can all make to best decisions for ourselves and our families.
Also, I'm taught a lot by my clients. There are MANY times when a client comes in and asks if I have read a certain book or article yet so I get to learn and be informed from you all as well. The fitness & health industry is constantly changing and its hard to know what to believe some times, so if we have some soldid, reliable sources for eachother to use we will all be better for it.
Comment below with your book, site, article for me.
Have an awesome long week-end everyone!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Naturopath; Alternative Medicine...Its YOUR choice

So I had my 1st appointment with my Naturopath tonight and its AWESOME! to sit with a medical professional for over an hour to get my full background/health history & feel like I'm talking to a friend.
I was SUPER excited to have my Blood pressure taken, only to find it was 120/80! And apparently I should be taking my 2nd dose for the day cause it SHOULD be creeping by that point! This no Wheat is doing my body great!
For me, this is an empowering move, to treat my body as it should be and allow it to function the way it was made to. I cannot WAIT to learn more!

Home Workout to blast some calories and get the heart pumping

If you can't make it to the gym, don't have a lot of time or don't have any still have NO EXCUSES!
There are MANY things you can do to increase your heart rate, tighten & tone your body and burn off some calories! Give your body 30mins (approx) and it will thank-you!

Warm-up- brisk walking for 5-10mins outside OR shallow squats, toes touches, shoulder circles & 30sec plank

1) Lateral squats- start with feet shoulder width apart then step one foot out to the side and sit back into your heel then push that foot back to the center, switch sides (60secs as fast as your body can with proper technique)
2) Bicycle abs- every 15sec speed up, then slow down for a total of 45-60sec. Keep elbows out from your head
3) Push Ups- there are MANY ways to do push ups to accommodate any person; wall push-ups, hands on a chair/couch, on knees or on toes- As many as you POSSIBLY can
4) Reverse Lunges- stand feet shoulder width apart then step one leg back and bend the knee to 90degrees then push forward to starting position. Alternate sides and keep chest lifted. Do this for 60sec
5) Plank- on your knees or toes. aim for 45-75sec and KEEP THE PELVIC TILT! If you cannot hold that then you are done
6) Tricep Dips- off a couch, chair or step- keep elbow tucked in and over top of your wrist, your body should be tight to the seat and only go down to 90degree bend in your elbow. Do as many as you can.
7) Mountain Climbers! Everyones favorite (NOT), but very effective. In plank position on your hands and toes, keep hips down and still as you pull one knee into your tummy then back out. Alternate legs for 45-60sec.

This workout can be done inside or outside. Enjoy and remember...NO EXCUSES!You are worth it and you CAN do this.
If you need any modifications for injuries, medical issues or pregnancy, e-mail me at

Have a great day!

Monday, 14 May 2012

"The Ultimate" Workout

Performance Fitness is about to launch a workout like no other. The title "The Ultimate" is truly fitting for this Small Group Personal Training class because when combined, kettle bells and TRX suspension trainer, there is nothing like it. Your body will respond to this workout like no other. We will use the TRX for strength, core and cardio then combine that with the functional movements of the kettle bells and your body will take the shape you want in no time! This will be a 45min class that will have you dripping, challenged and wanting to come back for MORE!!
We will be launching our first EARLY MORNING classes at the studio in June. We can only take 6ppl for this SPECIALIZED class so register immediately.
Wednesday and Friday mornings 6:45-7:30am
Wed June 6- Fri June 29th ( 4 weeks)
Investment: $180.80 incl tax

Who is up for the challenge?!

Making the DREAM a REALITY!!

Performance Fitness has a new face!!

I have been dreaming of having my own Personal Training Studio for at least 7yrs now and this feels so surreal to me. I have been absolutely blessed by the outpouring of support and referrals you all have sent our way over the past 8 months. We have exploded to 4 times as much training we were doing 8 months ago as well as now having 13hrs/wk of Small Group Training or Boot Camps!!
I am so proud of how hard you work for us in the studio and the INCREDIBLE RESULTS you are seeing from that hard work.
My dream, as I have shared with some of you over the years, is to have an "Empire" as i call it, where clients come because they KNOW they will get results. A studio with a reputation for passion, education, knowledge and FUN!! Fitness is FUN but many people just haven't seen that yet...I want to teach them!
This new website feels so crazy to me, that my business warrants this AMAZING site! We will bring nothing but the best to you all and all the new clients we see in the future. Thank-you to all of you who encouraged me when I wasn't sure about going out on my own and thank-you to all of you who are proud of Performance Fitness and you have brought your family and friends to us.

Please take a look at feedback is wanted and welcome.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Midwives of York Region Refer patients to Performance Fitness

I am so humbled and proud that the Midwives of York Region are referring patients to our studio. We love moms and babies as most of you know but getting into Pre-Natal Fitness is a dream of mine (yes another dream!).
So i received a call from an expectant mom who was sent to me from my midwife that I had during Hailey's pregnancy and I'm so excited to have her come to the studio. Looking towards doing pre-natal classes in the near future, very specific small group training gear towards each stage of pregnancy and the changes happening in a women's body while we are pregnant.
If you or your friends are pregnant and looking for a workout where they don't need to pay for a membership and they get a workout geared to them that will keep them strong and get their body ready for delivery but also for making it easier to recover after delivery, please have them contact me.

Lovin' LIFE!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

June 90min Bootcamp Registration OPEN!!

June 90 min Boot Camp...SIGN UP NOW!!!
Come join us at Performance Fitness for the workout of your month! We have been offering our monthly 90min Boot Camps for 6months now and we keep getting more and more new participants each month!
Come join us for an outdoor workout that will start your day off with a boost of energy, endorphins and laughs! We use many of our amazing tools from inside the studio but wrap them around trees and park benches!
Sat June 9th, 8:30-10am
ONLY $15
Bring a friend and you both only pay $10/each
contact to register 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

live your life with PASSION & PURPOSE

I am a whole-hearted believer that we all have a purpose for our lives and a reason we were put on this earth. I was challenged today by our pastor to search for that purposed and focus all we do & say towards that goal. I know some of you may not go to church but I still believe that you think/know that your life is WORTH Something....YOU are worth something.
I challenge you to take some time and just think about what you are good at, your GIFTS and if you aren't sure ask people close to you, they'll tell you. Once you find your gifts, ask yourself if you are using those as much as you possibly could? Most likely, if you LOVE your job, you are using your gifts at work.
This may seem silly to some of you but I promise you, a life with purpose is a life full of LOVE, Laughter, Focus, and Passion. You will feel fullfilled and content in knowing you are doing "what you were made to do". There is a reason you are here and we all want you to share your unique gifts :).

Friday, 4 May 2012

New WEBSITE to Launch next FRIDAY!!!!

Performance Fitness is excited to announce our new website
will be up and running as of Friday May11.
I am so excited i could burst!!

The is beyond my expectations and I know you will love it too. All the usual information but A LOT easier to navigate and to share with friends. Just hit the facebook "LIKE" on the website and you'll share us with your friends.
Once its up I'll post on facebook and please check it out and I would LOVE feedback. is the site so check it out now and then in a week and you won't believe the difference!!

Thank-you for your continued support and referrals.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Stroller fit is a GO!!!

Performance Fitness is so excited to announce another new program to the spring/summer line up...STROLLER FIT!
This program does NOT require you to have a jogging stroller, we will be incorporating cardio, core, strength and flexibility into this hour of fun! You heart rate will be up, your legs & hips will burn and all the while you are getting outdoors with your child and meeting other parents! What could be better than that?!
Dates: Wed May 16- Wed June 20th
Time: 11am-noon, every Wednesday
Investment: $75 incl tax
Where: Meet at the entrance to the Tom Taylor Trail off St. John's Side Road just east of Yonge in Aurora.
We already have 5 mama's registered so get your name on the list!