Sunday, 30 December 2012

Start 2013 off with a BANG!!

Many of us have been indulging on some extra treats, high calorie foods, higher calorie drinks and just foods that are not in our normal diets. Our bodies may have even gotten to the point where we don;t notice the tight feeling in our pants, the bloated stomach or the "backed up" digestive system. It is normal to have this little extra over the holidays but sometimes we lose sight of what "everything in moderation" means at Christmas.
Here are a few tips for you to try and get your body back into its "rhythm" as well as getting some sweat on to help wake you out of that "food/carb coma" and get some energy back;

1) Drink 2-3 litres of water a day! Add lemon for bonus cleanse benefits
2) Be active for 45-60mins a day; this doesn't have to all be in a row and it can be sledding, nature hikes, or working out...just get that heart rate up!
3) Eat lots of veggies, fruits & lean proteins
4) Set some personal goals for yourself in 2013; they don't need to be massive goals but things like taking time for you 3x week to workout/do yoga/jog/walk; run your first 5km, learn to salsa...things like that
5) THEN DO IT!! It's great to think about what you'd like to do but there are MANY people who set goals at New Years but they never come to fruition. If you really want to do those things then do the scary part...COMMIT! 

We have lots of options at Performance Fitness to help with your fitness goals in 2013 and a new weight loss program as well. So whether its toning up, losing some weight, learning how to workout properly so you don't injure yourself, trying a new way of training with the ViPR or meeting some new friends and challenging yourself in a small group training class...we are the place for you.

Check out the Jan calendar for a full list of our programs as well as personal training and physio rehab training offered

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

We've got Special Holiday Workouts for you!

Join us for 2 special workouts over the holidays:

Friday Dec 28 @ noon-1pm
$15 cash, ONLY 5 spots left

Fri Jan 4 @ noon-1pm
$15 cash, ONLY 8 spaces available
E-mail to register NOW!!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Performance Fitness hits the TV screen Jan 3rd!

I have been asked to bring our newest piece of equipment called the ViPR onto to "Daytime" which is a LIVE show on Rogers York Region. As many of you know and have felt, the ViPR is an incredible tool to combine strength training and functional movement like nothing else in the fitness industry. There are not many (if any) fitness centres or studios that have this tool in all of York Region. We are so pumped to have been asked to 1st of all showcase Performance Fitness on the show but secondly to bring this amazing piece of equipment to more peoples attention and possibly be able to get more people involved in a healthy and active lifestyle.

So mark your calendar and set your PVR; Thursday Jan 3rd @ 10am on Rogers York Region. The show is called Daytime and is hosted by Jacqueline Betterton.

Thank-you for all your support, hopefully I can get over my nerves before showtime! LoL


Sunday, 16 December 2012

January Program registration open NOW!

Check out and click on calendar (Jan) to see a full line up of all our programs. Choose which you would like to register for then follow the prompts to register.
We are so thankful for what an amazing year 2012 has been at Performance Fitness and we are pumped about 2013. I'm adding a new member to our family but also Performance Fitness is adding 2 new members in Elise Cunningham and Jeff McClellan.
Jeff and Elise have background in kinesiology, working with physio patients, cancer patients, teaching Phs. Ed as well as fitness equipment sales and Nordic Walking Certifications. They bring many attributes that we know will add benefit for all our clients.
Lets make 2013 an even more memorable year! Join us, starting the week of Jan 7 for our group programs or contact me at to discuss personal training or our weight loss program.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Full of Gratitude

All the food donations we have collected for the Newmarket & Aurora Food Pantry

I would like to try and articulate how overwhelmed and thankful I am for our Performance Fitness clients and LifeSpring patients who came to support this very important local charity. I had the idea to run this event only a mere 4 weeks ago. With the help and support of the LifeSpring team as well as all your support we have brought in all this food and $220 cash for the Food Pantry!

I just want you to know how proud you have made me feel of the people who step inside the doors or LifeSpring & Performance Fitness. 
Be ready for an even bigger and better event next year!

God Bless & Thank-you again.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Weening off coffee

Ok so as most of you know, I am pregnant with my 4th child. I always try to completely cut out coffee when pregnant but am not usually 100% successful. This time around I have been trying Bambu which is a non-caffeinated coffee substitute and i like it! You can buy it in "instant coffee" form or you can brew it through your coffee maker like regular coffee! It obviously doesn't taste 100% like coffee but it totally does the trick! I have a few clients who drink it as well and they agree.
Caffeine has so many negative attributes and one of those being hinders weight loss, on top of what it does to hormones, sleep patterns, etc.
This website did a taste test of coffee substitute in an office environment and found Bambu to be the best tasting and most realistic

So if you are trying to lose weight or cut down on your caffeine intake try this great alternative. I bought mine at Nature's Emporium for a very reasonable price!


Monday, 10 December 2012

What is your favourite or shall we say "most effective" exercise?

I hear from clients everyday; "oh I hate this exercise". In my ears, I actually hear "this one works REALLY well"! Those specific exercises are the ones that we use over and over in different modifications because they target the muscles properly and they get results.
So for those of you who say I am mean cause I keep making you do them, I'm willing to be mean if it gets you to your goals! LoL
So what is your least favourite? Push-ups, plank, lunges, TRX reverse crunches?

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Please join us to support our community and get some activity this Holiday Season

We are on Countdown mode for this amazing event in support of the Aurora and Newmarket Food Pantry.
Saturday Dec 15 @ 8:30am at LifeSpring Physio Therapy

Come and join us for a 5km walk/run with your friends and family OR just pop by with a donation for the Food Pantry and some hot drinks and treats.
We know you are all VERY busy this time of year but its a chance to give back to those who need it this season.
The run will start in the St. Andrews Plaza parking lot and go through the surrounding neighbourhood then finish back where we started.
Please let me know if you are planning to join us by contacting

Spread the word, the more people the MERRIER!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

December Workouts Start NEXT Week!

We realise you are very busy this time of year and have planned our programs accordingly. We also know that you have worked VERY hard this year to get the results that you have and you don't want to lose those over the holidays.
We have set up our programs to run for the 1st 3 weeks in Dec then will off all new sessions starting Jan 2013. Please click the link below to see the Performance Fitness Calendar of all programs and click on the ones you are interested in for all timing, days and pricing details.

Merry Christmas!!
Paula & The Performance Fitness Team

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Performance Fitness Gift Certificates available for Christmas!

Now that Christmas is a matter of weeks away, we are starting to think of ideas for our kids, spouses, parents or family to give them some ideas of what to buy us...but if you are anything like me, IT'S TOUGH! What is there that you need? Nothing cause we go buy it ourselves most of the time and what is it you want? Well I'm sure there are lots of things so how do we narrow it down?
If you have personal fitness goals for yourself in 2013 to tone up, lose weight, increase metabolism, be better at your sport, have more energy OR just move better then you want a Performance Fitness Gift Certificate.
The gift certificates can be purchase by contacting, coming into LifeSpring Physio Therapy and purchasing at the front desk or calling Paula at 905-715-2666.
Send your family all our contact info and we'll make sure you are taken care of and off to an awesome health and fitness start in 2013.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Help Us Support our Community this Holiday Season

Saturday December 15th 2012 

8:30am start 

from the St Andrews Plaza, 2 Orchard Heights Blvd, Aurora 

(Route will be Orchard Heights/Whispering Pines/Aurora Heights/Fleury Park Trail) 

In lieu of an entrance fee, a contribution for the 

Aurora/Newmarket Food Pantry would be deeply appreciated. 

The following items are the greatest need at this time: 

Cream of Mushroom Soup, Peanut Butter, Simulac, Heinz Toddler Foods 

Kraft Dinner, Canned Tomatoes Pasta Sauce 

If you are unable to join us, food bank donations will be 

gratefully accepted at LifeSpring Physiotherapy from Dec 1st to 15th. 

We will be offering warm drinks & yummy treats at the end of the Run/Walk from the following donors: 

Cobs Bread

A Weight Loss Program like no other!

This is an unparallelled program that combines the expertise of Performance Fitness to design workouts that WILL get you results & the individualised Nutritional programs of Debbie Allen, Holistic Nutritionist & Homeopathic Physician to teach you how to feed your body to lose weight & body fat.
We are launching this program Dec 3, 2012 to get you ready for Christmas and to get you to the shape and weight you want to be when you roll into 2013.
Check out the link below for ALL pricing and details

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Physio Therapy and Personal Training working together to get patients "back to normal life" FAST

At Performance Fitness, we have an incredible opportunity to work with the amazing team of Physio Therapists at LifeSpring Physio Therapy to help patients get back to everyday life faster. We work together to fully assess the patients needs then develop a program that is safe and effective for each patients injuries, limitations and specific needs.
This is an innovative and cutting edge approach to health and rehab that is not available in many clinics. With Performance Fitness Studio located right inside LifeSpring Physio Therapy, we are all in contact each day and are able to confer when needed for the good of our patients/clients.
We are also able to offer our patients an incredible benefit of having their personal training covered under insurance because of the constant supervision and involvement of their physio therapist.
If you are looking for a top of the line Physio Therapy clinic that has an unparallelled reputation along with a Personal Training studio known for results and experience then look no further.
Check out or for more info

We look forward to meeting you!


Strength training for runners

As a runner, majority of the time we just run, we don't add too many other cross training activities in because of the time commitment it can take. If you are training for any distance race whether it is your first 5km or a marathon, you MUST strengthen your hips and legs in order to prevent injury during training. As your distances and frequency of training increase, so do the chances of injury.
There are MANY exercises that you can do at home with minimal equipment or time commitment that will strengthen and enhance your training and allow you to be at your best when you do your race.
Here are a few exercises that can be done at home to work on starting to strengthen your key "running" muscles;

1) Wall sit- lean you back again a wall and bring your feet out from the wall so that when you slide down the wall till your thighs are parallel with the floor, your knees are directly over your feet. You do not want your feet too close into the wall so your knees push forward past them. Hold the position for 30-60sec. if you feel any sort of ache or pain in the knees, squeezing a volleyball size ball between your knees will trigger the VMO muscles on the inside of the knee and most of the time it takes away most pain.

2) Clamshells- Lying on your side, keep knees bent and feet together (see pic). Keep hips stationary then open up knees and repeat. 15x
3) Hip Lifts- Place heels and lower calves on a stability ball then lift hips off floor squeezing your glutes (not just the hamstrings), hold for 3-5sec then lower till you skim the floor then repeat. Repeat 12-15

There are more leg strengthening and hip exercises as well but start with these, repeat them all 2-3x and do it 3x week minimum. This is a 15min commitment to your body that will help your running SO much and prevent injury as well.
Make sure you stretch afterwards focusing on the quads, hamstrings, hips and inner thighs, hip flexors. Stretching is another way you will prevent injury during training.


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Why training with a friend or group gets FAST results

We all have a hard time being consistent with our workout routines at one time or another and that will hinder your results BIG TIME! You need to be consistent in order to get the results you want and then to keep them. Fitness is not a short term goal, it is a lifestyle change that will give you more energy, less injuries, more positive outlook on life AND give you the shape you want.
So how do you ensure you stay consistent and get those results you are looking for? Find a friend that will work out with you and hold you accountable and you can do the same for them, not someone who can talk you out of a workout when you are tired..Hahahahaha. OR join a bootcamp or group class that really has other participants who have similar goals and help keep you motivated.
When I opened my studio in Feb 2011 I had no idea what it would "turn into", I had done mostly one-on-one training or partner training over my 12 yrs of personal training then teaching classes. Since Sept of 2011 we have expanded and added bootcamps and small group TRX and ViPR classes. We now have 16 group classes/week!
The amazing thing we now see with our groups is the accountability they keep with each other and the motivation as they develop friendships. The results have been incredible! With the guidance and program design of a personal trainer combined with the challenge of friends around you pushing you to do more than you think you are capable of...the results are fast and BIG!!
So join up with a friend and do something together or join a group and make some new friends, you will be so happy you did and your body will show its thanks!
Check out for a full breakdown of our programs and calendar

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Stay on track...even with the Halloween candy in the house

Now the internal struggle begins...every time you walk past the bowl of candy the internal fight will happen with what your sweet tooth wants and what your mind knows you should do. Just remember how hard you have worked to get to where you are now and to get those pounds off and unfortunately how fast that can go back on. Also remember when you eat sugars what they do to your insides. Your insulin levels go up to create a fake energy boost then they give you a huge crash and it also effects your moods. Grumpy, hard to have the willpower to stay away from more sugar or to eat properly in general.
I'm not saying a tiny bit, maybe 1-2 small pieces, are going to sabotage your weight loss efforts but it will slow them down. so if you have those 2 pieces, get moving and burn it off!
You can stay on track and you will be proud of yourself. I suggest you hide the candy so its out of mind, out of sight!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Planning some HUGE things for 2013

So I'm going to let you all in for a sneak preview of a weight loss program that I am working on with Holistic Nutritionist, Debbie Allen. It will combine bootcamp OR personal training with one-on-one nutritional counselling and daily nutritional e-mail check-ins with Debbie.
Debbie and I have worked together with MANY clients over the last 8yrs and have seen some HUGE success stories. I have also consulted Debbie personally while nursing and training for a marathon as well as my husband who lost 35lbs in 12weeks with Debbie's nutritional counselling.
If you are "stuck" with your weight or you just don't know where to go with your diet, this is the program for you. We will combine Performance Fitness' innovative way of functional training to burn calories and drop body fat along with Debbie's individualised nutritional plan and the accountability of weekly weigh-ins to get you to where you want to be.
Stay tuned for this amazing program to come Jan 2013, registrations will begin Dec 2012.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Food Diaries- why they work so well

I get asked A LOT every day, how do I loose weight cause I've tried EVERYTHING?! and usually my first suggestion is a food diary or an online app such as When you record what you are eating, you are forced to confront what you have put in your mouth or what you are about to. You have to "admit to the world" that you ate it and for that sole fact it makes you think twice before you put it in your mouth.
Also, many times we aren't even aware of how much we eat, its like we have selective memory when it comes to food, we are so proud of all the good stuff then somehow forget about the chips, popcorn, fries, pop, candies we grabbed on the run.
The bottom line is you need to be accountable and accept your role in your weight journey, your body didn't magically get to where it is now and there isn't a magic way to get it off. You CAN get to where you want to be 100% BUT its all about how much you want to get there. Commit to take care of your body and the difference in your mind and sole will be incredible.
Use a food diary to keep on track and make sure you are eating a balanced diet high in protein, fruits and veggies and low in wheat, sugars and processed foods.
If you need the accountability then I am absolutely willing to check-up on you or find a holistic nutritionist in your area and they are an amazing resource.

You can!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

At home workout #1

Alrighty, so here is at home workout #1 using only stability ball and tubing. This workout will give you a full body burn and be a great addition to any bootcamp/circuit class or cardio you are also doing. Or if you are not doing anything else then this workout should be done 2-3 times a week along with cardio.

20x step ups onto the 1st step, 20x jumping jacks (can be modified to a step out, alternating legs if you cant jump), 15x squats, 20 dynamic lunges (stepping forward and back alternating legs), plank for 45sec with abs, bum and legs tight

  1. Squat and Row with tubing anchored in front of you on a stable pole, banister, treadmill, etc (15-20x)
  2. Torso rotations with tubing (20x per side)
  3. Ball Squats against a wall- ball at lower back and upper part of bum and feet out from the wall so you are leaning on the ball. bend the knees till 90degrees keeping your body straight then stand back up again. If these are easy you can go down to 90degrees then hold in a wall sit for 45-75sec or hold weights if you have them
  4. Chest press and Lunge with the tubing anchored behind you; keep core tight through whole movement
  5. Ball Crunches- max with keeping hips up in pelvic tilt
  6. Ball Hamstring Curls- lying on your back on floor with heels and lower calves on the ball. Life hips so only your upper back is on the floor and bend you knees pulling the ball into your bum and back out again- 10-20x
  7. Plank- 10sec up, 5 sec down, repeat this 5-10x depending on your core strength. Your whole body should be in a contraction when you are holding up for those 10sec and BREATHE!
  8. Mountain Climbers- 30-40x
Chest press -starting position
Chest press- finishing position

squat with tubing anchored in front
row at the top of the squat

Mountain Climbers- alternating pulling knees in
Plank- body in straight line and bum tight with pelvic tilt

Repeat this whole circuit 2-3x depending on your time and how much your body can handle. If you are a beginner start with once for the first couple workouts then add the 2nd set. The goal is to move through the circuit quite quickly to keep your heart rate up and burn the most calories and fat possible.

ALWAYS STRETCH once you are totally finished as well or you will regret it the next day because you will be stiff.

If you need any modifications for injuries or joint issues just let me know and that's easy!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Muscle Up- Men ONLY Workout still has room!

Our new program launched 6wks ago geared towards the men in the crowd has gone amazingly well! All 5 guys are registered for our next session and we have added a 2nd day to the workouts to increase the results! This program is geared to all fitness levels and gradually increases with each workout, men do NOT need to be regular exercisers to join...everyone welcome!
If you have a man in your life that wants to increase his muscle mass, decrease body fat, tighten up his abs and do it with other like-minded guys then register ASAP, Only 2 spots left!

Tuesdays @ 7pm and Thursdays @ 7:30pm
Oct 30- Dec 4
$203.40 incl tax

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Burn mad calories... Without the gym!

So we're going to start with the cardio for the 1st segment of the "you don't need a gym membership to transform your body".
If you have a treadmill or elliptical or bike at home you can follow these same principals just like you would using stairs, a park bench (step ups) or sprinting/speed walking from lamppost to lamp post. Choose your activity then follow these simple guidelines to get a time efficient and big calorie burning workout at home;

1) 5min warm-up- whatever activity you choose start at a comfortable pace then every min get a little faster or higher incline to bring your heart rate up so the breathing is heavier by the time 5mins rolls around
2) increase your speed, incline or intensity to as much as you can for 60sec, breathing should be heavy, (not able to carry on a conversation), and it should feel uncomfortable cause you worked hard. The pace you go at is completely different for each person so work at your "high" for the 60sec
3) rest for 1-2mins, until you have cause your breath enough to go again. The absolute max you should rest is 2mins though
REPEAT THE 60sec high and 1-2min low 5-7 TIMES. If you are used to cardio add a few more but for those of you starting fresh or after a long break do this interval repeat 2-3 times for a week before you add another interval.
4) cool down- Brian intensity slowly down to a "everyday" pace for 3-5mins and ensure your breathing and heart rate are at a comfortable spot before you stop to stretch
5) stretch- stretch quads (front of thigh), hamstrings (back of thigh), calves (lower leg) & hip (sit and put one ankle across opposite knee then tilt forward till you feel it stretch in hip/bum of the leg that's up)

Commit to yourself how many times you are going to do this each week for the next 3 wks and then go from there. This interval program will only take 20-30mins, it's very manageable so JUST DO IT! Your body will thank you!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Get the most out of EVERY workout

Most people have some sort of fitness and health goal but not everyone has a gym membership or cannot afford one. I'm here to tell you that no matter if you can get to a gym or not, you can change your body with VERY minimal equipment! Its all about consistency and challenging your body.
So as far what it looks like in your life here goes;
  • Commit 45mins 4x week to YOU! Work with your partner/spouse and have them on your side, if they are not and you know this is a priority for you than maybe talk to other friends/family members who can help if you have children who need to be taken care of to give you time to workout
  • Have a minimal repertoire of equipment at home; stability ball ($25) and tubing (medium tension- $20)
  • Make an awesome play list to rock to and that will keep your "head in the game" when you're really working hard
  • Get rid of the high sugar and processed foods/drinks from the house. Shop smart and be organised so you don't fall into the "I am too busy" to eat properly
  • Get yourself a big water bottle and drink constantly! Your body requires and thrives off water so nourish it and it will reward you with some great results and energy.
So now that you have committed to these principles, you are ready to make some big changes! You will feel better mentally and have more energy as well as start to see those inches drop and weight go down. 
The main principles to follow when designing a home workout are; functional exercises (more than one muscle group working in each exercise), start with big muscle groups and work down to smaller, CORE CORE CORE, keep your heart rate up for as long as possible (no big breaks between exercises).

Check back soon for some sample home workouts using your body weight, stability ball & tubing.

If you want more specific info, e-mail me at

Friday, 12 October 2012

Meet the newest edition t our family...Coming March 2013

 Man Baby #4 was waving when it saw Abby watching him/her.
 Abby loved it!
This little one is doing very well and  moving like a champ at 
only 19wks along. 
Can't wait to meet him/her in a few short months

Thursday, 11 October 2012

What will people remember most about you?

My husbands Grandmother passed away this past week-end and we had the funeral today. It was such a celebration of her life with great stories, lots of laughs and smiles all around.
She lived a long life of 93yrs and has 36 great grand children and 2 more own the way. It's said family is your greatest blessing and I totally agree. She was a God-fearing, loving, inspirational and family center woman.
It got me thinking, not to be morbid, but what will people remember about me when it's my time to go? We never know when that will happen so we need to live everyday and every MOMENT to the fullest. Think selflessly, love passionately and give whole-heartedly.
Make your moments, days and years count !

Sunday, 7 October 2012

How to prevent Diastasis during pregnancy

First of all, what is a Diastasis you ask? It is a separation in the abdominal wall that happens as a woman belly gets larger during pregnancy. It separates the abdomen into left and right along the linea alba. Some women don't ever experience a Diastasis and some women never recover from them!
There are some simple ways to work your core muscles to try and prevent this from happening and there are some things you should avoid to ensure this doesn't happen.

1) plank plank plank- this exercise is incredible for strengthening your core as a whole, not just one part of it. It holds everything tight from your spine rot around to your abdomen. It also doesn't cause any added pressure from the inside out during pregnancy and can be modified to suit any stage of pregnancy. Plank can also be done in conjunction with your keagels to ensure a solid core & pelvic floor for during and after delivery.
2) DO NOT CRUNCH! Crunches put added pressure on the adbdinal muscles and push from the inside as the baby can only move forward as you decrease the space while crunching. This pressure can cause the muscles to push apart. Once the separation starts you don't want to do anything to enhance it so all the core work should be holding your body in a straight position and contracting your core to hold on toes or knees.

Front planks and side planks are some of the most challenging and effective abdominal exercises. So the great news is that you can continue these exercises through your pregnancy! Stay strong and active throughout your pregnancy and you will have an easier recovery after labour, possibly easier labour and to get your body back to pre-baby condition is MUCH easier.

I am a mama of 3 young girls and pregnant with my 4th and I have been active through all my pregnancies, in many different ways. Having done this, I have been able to "bounce back" relatively quickly and I completely attribute my attitude, focus, patience (some days) with my kids and being able to balance family and being self-employed to my faith and my fitness.
So keep active whatever way you love and if you need more tips, ideas or modifications for pregnancy contact me at paula.performancefitness@gmail.Com

Friday, 5 October 2012

Happy Thanksgiving; enjoy but don't set yourself back

I always love thanksgiving, almost as much as Christmas. The time we spend with family, the laughter of cousins playing together and of course THE FOOD!
I try hard but lets be honest it is a holiday and there will be special treats, deserts and usually more alcohol that most week-ends. There are ways to still stay on track though, here are a few tips to keep in mind this thanksgiving:
1) aim for 2/3 of your dinner plate to be filled with protein & veggies
2) if you plan to have some wine, consider that your carbs for the meal
3) GET MOVING! Use the time off and go for a family hike, run or bike ride
4) be smart with you cooking/baking. Make foods that are low in fats & sugars but high in taste
5) take some time to reflect on what we are celebrating this week-end. We are truly blessed to be in this country and all the freedoms we take for granted. Let those around you know how much you appreciate them.

Have an amazing turkey week-end and drink LOTS of water!


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My 3yr olds food sensitivity results were stagaring

So let me give you some background on my daughter and why we had her tested. This little one is VERY emotional, she has massive highs and then massive low and its always based around food, we know we can "fix" it with giving her something to eat. BUT we weren't sure if what we were giving her were triggering her emotions or helping. Her personality almost borders on ADHD some days.
So let me tell you, this was an enlightening experience for us. Her triggers were ALL THINGS PROCESSED! Everything man-made triggers emotions for her. White sugar, nitrates and artificial sweeteners are her biggest triggers. What blows my mind is the symptoms for her are not physical, like a stomach ache or diarrhoea, they are things stemming from the brain! That is how messed up the food is that we trust and eat from our "tested and good" government standards.
I will now take this opportunity to rant a bit; what is in our foods now that our bodies will physically have brain/emotional reactions to it?! SICK! I don't want you to think that I'm saying you need to only eat organic everything and never eat out, etc...i eat out and get the occasional McNugget meal for my kids but we CANNOT make the majority of our meals fast food because our bodies cannot thrive on it, it is not real protein or real grains, it has been processed and genetically modified to suit the needs of the suppliers to make money and cut the bottom line! Ok that's my own personal thoughts out there now, I feel better.
I have now have my 5yr old and my 3yr old tested because of different signs we see in them and I'll tell you, just from changing what my 5yr old was eating there hasn't been a single complaint of a tummy ache. I will be adjusting what my 3yr old is eating now and hoping to be able to communicate with her better and help her manage her emotions because it gets to the point where she can even express what she's feeling! It's so hard for us all.
Please educate yourself on food and know the benefits of taking the time to make your meals as much as possible at home, the cost is much less and it definitely does taste better and the benefits to your body are HUGE!
Thanks for listening to me rant :)


We are GROWING! Are you the one we're looking for?

Performance Fitness is looking to add another amazing, energetic, motivated & experienced Fitness Professional to our team.
We specialise in one-on-one training and group bootcamps/circuit classes. We have grown to a point where we need to add more programs to keep up with the demands of our clientele, what a great problem to have!
Performance Fitness is a leading personal training studio in York Region that prides itself on getting our clients results. We train hard and have a BLAST doing it. Our clients know that they will come to us and sweat, work their butts off but leave with a smile on EVERY session.

The qualified applicant should have/be:

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Kinesiology/Rehab Training background (recommended)
  • Experience with functional training
  • Knowledge of TRX Suspension Trainer & RIP Trainer, ViPR Training
  • Experience with Small Group Training
  • Willing to learn 
  • Motivated and energetic
  • Experience
  • Willing to work early mornings and evenings

We look forward to adding some amazing new people to our team and to bring our clients more of what they love! Check out for details of who we are and what we do.

Send resumes to or call 905-715-2666

Can't wait to meet you!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Full Fall Schedule is NOW out! Register ASAP

Performance Fitness Fall Programs
Register ASAP for what suits you best & let us SHOW you what you are capable of!

The Ultimate Workout
Mon/Wed/Fri @ 6:25-7:15am
Mon Oct 22- Fri Nov 30 (6wks)
$305.10incl tax

Lunch Bootcamp
Mon/Wed/Fri @ 12-1pm
Mon Oct 22- Fri Nov 30 (6 wks)
Choose 2 or 3 days/wk; 2 days $203.40incl tax, 3 days $305.10incl tax

York Region Employee Bootcamp
Mon/Wed/Fri @ 5-6pm
Mon Oct 22- Fri Nov 30 (6wks)
Choose 2 or 3 days/wk; 2 days $203.40, 3 days $305.10incl tax

Evening Bootcamp
Mon/Wed @ 7-8pm
Mon Oct 22- Wed Nov 28 (6wks)
$203.4incl tax

Muscle Up (MEN ONLY)
Tues/Thurs @ 7-8pm
Tues Oct 30- Thurs Nov 29 (5wks)
$169.50incl tax

Cardio/Core Blast
Tuesday/Thursday @ 9-10am
Tuesday Oct 23- Thurs Nov 29 (6wks)

Stroller Fit
Tues/Thurs @ 11-12pm
@ Tom Taylor Trail off St. Johns Side Road
Tues Oct 16- Thurs Nov 22 (6wks)

ViPR class
Saturdays 8-9am
Oct 20- Nov 24 (6wks)
$101.70incl tax

Specials Events:
Fall Kick-Off 90min Bootcamp- Sat Oct 13, 8:30-10am, $15

Couples Bootcamp- $40/couple
Sat Oct 13- 5:30- 6:45pm
Sat Oct 27- 5:30-6:45pm

Contact to register for programs.
Space is limited so register early!


ViPR Class on the Schedule Weekly!!

I introduced you all to my new favourite piece of equipment a month ago now and you have all tried, FELT and loved the ViPR! We did a demo class recently and because of the feedback we have now added a ViPR specific class to our weekly schedule.

Saturdays @ 8-9am
Oct 20- Nov 24 (6 wks)
Only $101.70 incl class

NO OTHER gym/studio/facility in York Region has the program, come see why this is your tool for definition, calorie burn and tone!

Register quickly, we can only take 8 participants & as of Oct 2 only 2 spaces left!
Register at

StrollerFit is BACK for the FALL!!!

Performance Fitness is bringing back Stroller Fit by popular demand!

Warm-up as group in the gorgeous fresh air!
Warm-up with brisk walking with your stroller then do cardio intervals with speed walking and slower paced walking to burn major calories.

Combine the cardio intervals with strength training and core work to tone and tighten your whole body! You will get off that baby weights and be in even better shape than before! All while meeting other new mama's and talking about "mommy issues".

Join us for this 6 week program starting Tuesday Oct 16- Thurs Nov 22
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 11am on the Tom Taylor Trail starting off St. John's side road just east of Yonge (park by law firm)
Only $203.40incl tax for all 12 sessions!
Register at

Check out for more info on all the programs Performance Fitness offers for mama's & babies

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Check out the Performance Fitness Studio!!

 Performance Fitness Studio has you "usual" gym quality Treadmills, Spin Bikes, Elliptical, Leg Press, Bench Press, Preacher Curl Bench and Free Weights
We also have your "not so typical" functional training tools such as; kettlebells, TRX Suspension Trainers, TRX RIP Trainers, ViPR, Medicine Balls, BOSU, Stability Balls, Tubing and Gliders

Probably the most "non-traditional" tools you will see in our studio is our baby toys! We have exersaucers, bouncy chairs, playpens and LOTS of toys for little ones to play with while mama's get their workout in.

We pride ourselves on have the most effective, current and efficient pieces of equipment in order to get our clients the results they are looking for and to be the BEST Personal Training Studio in all of York Region.
Come see why we have so many happy, fit, strong and dedicated clients!

Stretching is key to success!

Majority of the time I spend "tightening and toning" clients muscles but ALL of my clients know and will repeatedly hear me talk about the importance of stretching and how it will effect your results. If all you do is tighten tighten tighten your body will eventually fight you back and stop you in your tracks.
The main goal in fitness should 1st and foremost be to make everyday life better; be able to play with your kids/grandkids without tiring, pick-up and move things around the house without straining your back, play a pick-up tennis match with minimal issues, etc. Without flexibility and if you just focus on strength you will not be able to do those things. Many times you will also create new issues and imbalances in your body.
More and more these days i see the importance of starting from the foundation and working up from there. I work with many physio therapy patients at LifeSpring Physio Therapy where my studio is located and I have had the pleasure of being able to work along side their physio therapist to speed up recovery and train patients bodies so that they no longer have the imbalance or weakness and are stronger going forward in life to prevent anymore injury/issues.
Inflexibility is the cause of so many issues. Make sure you stretch out your hips, glutes (bum), upper back and open up your chest. Many times all people do is the front and back of their legs, it's not enough. If you can fit yoga into your schedule even once a week DO IT! Yoga will give you a guided stretch like no other and your body will thank you for it.
So make sure you stretch, even a little bit everyday. Make sure you are warm before you stretch, whether it means you did 30 step ups on your stairs, a walk/jog/bike, or you are in the shower...make sure your body is physically warm before you try and stretch or you can pull your muscles.
Try 15-20mins every day for a week and if you don't feel better, message me!


Saturday, 15 September 2012

Now that you've tried it, who LOVES the ViPR?

As mentioned a few weeks back, we have added a new piece of equipment to the Performance Fitness Studio called the ViPR. I am  certified ViPR instructor and Kirstin will be in 2 weeks and we are so excited to bring this new and amazing training tool to you.
For those of you that have seen them, they don't really look like much...a weighted rubber tube with handles; how much can that really do right?! WRONG!
The ViPR is more of a "let me show you" kind of thing than a "let me tell you", you need to experience it for yourself to see how effective it is at targeting muscle groups.
So now that many of you have tried the ViPR, we want your feedback; do you love it? is it  something you would like to see on our schedule? a Group ViPR class?
Let us know and we will plan around what our clients want.

Have a great week-end!

Monday, 10 September 2012

How badly do you want it?

We all have goals for ourselves whether they are at work, with our family, our kids, health, spirituality...or much more. Unfortunately there are also SO many of us that want those things for ourselves but we are not ready to take the steps or make the sacrifices to get there, so our goals are put to the side and many times we live a mediocre life wishing for those dreams/goals but settling for less.
I deal with clients fitness goals all day, everyday! Most of the time I will hear one of these three things; 1)lose weight, 2)tone up, 3) lose body fat/increase muscle mass. All these goals are 100% attainable BUT and this is a huge BUT, it all depends on what the clients are willing to do to get to those goals.
Many times we are just afraid of failure that we just don't even try or give our dreams the time and passion they deserve! For those clients who have given me everything I have asked of them to get them to their goals, I have to coach some through dealing with their success. I know that may seem strange because we should all be so happy when we reach where we want to know what tends to happen though, THEY SURPASS THEIR GOALS and it can be a scary thing be exciting too! You can be that person you dream of, you can be in the shape you want to be in, YOU CAN!!!
You need to put worth into yourself though and be willing to deal with haters, deal with other things that will get in your way and temp you to fall off the wagon, and deal with your mind trying to talk you out of it when you get tired. How important are you? How important is your life? How much of an influence do you have on your family and friends? How much could you encourage others to step up and feel worth and confidence and be proud of what they have accomplished? When its put that way, how selfish does it feel to not see what your potential is. You have been given a choice...what will you choose for your life?
You CAN be, look like, feel like and inspire others like you are dreaming of.
Dream it, write it down and get it!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Every little bit counts

I get asked every week, "How much exercise do I need to do on my own to get me the results I want?" and I have to tell people that every little bit goes towards the end goal. Yes ideally we do 60mins of activity with our heart rates elevated and blood pumping each week MINIMUM...BUT if you don't have an hour to commit 3-4times a week then split it up! If you did 30mins morning and 30mins at night then there is 60mins or if you did 30mins 6x per week that would be great too.
I have a lot of clients who come see me 2-3 times per week and are looking for a little more calorie burn or core strength or leg tone and adding in 20mins another 2 days/wk is not unrealistic at all. Doing some planking, squats, lunges, Push-Ups or if you have equipment at home your options are much larger, BUT if you do 1 set of maximum (which means till you can do no more properly) of about 6 exercises, you will get a great sweat on, burn lots of calories and definitely gain strength and tone!
So don't think just because you don't have an hour to workout that you should skip it and try again tomorrow, take that time and make it the best 15, 20, 30mins of your day! You will fell amazing and be so happy you did!

If you need help choosing which exercises would be the most effective for your goals just e-mail me at


Friday, 31 August 2012

Natural Electrolyte drink & How to help digestion naturally

I had the privilege to attend a lecture with the famous Ms. Tosca Reno, the author of the Eat Clean Diet and all the books/cookbooks related. She is beautiful, over 50, energetic, realistic, knows what she wants and very confident. One the most enjoyable things and empowering things i got out of the lecture what being confident in who you are and in who you want to be and go after it. Don't let others comments, looks or advice steer you away from your goals; stay focused and you will get there.
There wasn't a ton of new information for me as far as what "Eating Clean" meant but I did pick up a few tidbit that i thought would be great to pass along to all of you.

Natural Electrolyte Drink- Coconut Water!!
Coconut water is one of the best sources of potassium for your body which is what we lose a lot of when sweating and exercising. So if you are doing a workout and want to get the most out of it and keep your energy at its peak then take this as your workout drink. If you are doing long bouts of high intensity exercise you will most likely need more replacement than just a Coconut water, look for an electrolyte replacement drink at your health food store like Endurolyte for example. Do NOT use Gatorade or Powerade, they are full of artificial flavouring and sugars that will give you a high then a big crash at the end.
There are many different brands of Coconut water and they are not all equal nor do they all taste the same. I have tried some that I don't like at all then I've found others that I do. So don't give up if the 1st one you try isn't to your liking.

Stop Indigestion- with Apple Cider Vinegar!!
If you suffer from Acid Reflux or regular indigestion, try taking a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar 20mins before a meal. The vinegar will help balance out your pH levels and acidity in your stomach so that it can process your foods properly. Also, do not drink during a meal, drink water 20-30mins before and meal and then after you have eaten. The water will dilute your stomach acids which then also makes it very hard for your food to be broken down properly and absorbed properly into your body.
With the Apple Cider Vinegar, do this routine of a shot before each meal for about 2 weeks then give it a rest and see how you feel, the goal is to teach your body where its pH levels are supposed to be and eventually it will get there on its own. If you take a break for a few weeks and the acid reflux begins again, start up another 2 week cycle.

Pass along these tips my friend to anyone you feel might need this. Its nice to have options that are good for your body and from Natural sources to help enhance our system, not throw in something man-made a foreign.



Monday, 27 August 2012

Calling all MEN!! This one's for you

Yes, I'm speaking to the guys in the crowd or you can pass along this info to your guys. Performance Fitness is launching our 1st ever MEN's ONLY Workout. We have had a lot of requests over the last few months from wives about what we do for men because most programs we have are attended by females. We are so excited to be launching this NEW program geared towards men and their goals.
This program is designed to;

  • increase muscle mass
  • small cardio bursts
  • sport movement training
  • a little competition
Tuesday Evenings @ 7pm
Sept 18- Oct 23 (6wks)
ONLY $101.70 incl tax
limited to 8ppl so register ASAP

I guarantee you will love this workout guys. You will be challenged, use the newest and most effective pieces of equipment and you will FEEL the difference when you are done!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Apples not apple sauce

I'm sure some of you are wondering what the heck I'm talking about; "Apples not Apple Sauce"...well I'm talking about your butt! When you are in any exercise, especially a plank position you MUST have Apples to support your lower back. If you contract your glutes so they look like 2 apples and then tighten your core, the plank will become a while new exercise for you.
I have used this technique since I came home from the Can Fit Pro conference this past week-end and it has transformed core work for most of my clients. Many clients have weak core muscles so plank cannot be held on their toes for long or they cant even hold the pelvic tilt. I now am coaching clients to do a plank with "Apples" tight as well as 10sec on with a full body contraction (core, bum, legs, arms, etc) then 5sec off and repeat this for 4-8times depending on the strength of the client.
We are having NO lower back complaints...we are having "my abs are SO sore" complaints! Which i am totally OK with.
So try out this new technique when doing your plank and feel the difference!
Apples people!!

Happy Planking

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Getting back to the basics

While at my annual fitness conference this year I attended a few sessions on the TRX Suspension trainer and the TRX RIP trainer which we have had in our studio for over a year now. The biggest and most effective tool I got out of the session is to get back to the basics of the movement. Couching clients to set up in the right position BEFORE the movement even starts. I started using these techniques immediately on Monday and man did it take our workouts to a whole new level. I have received 3 e-mail today (within 24hrs of workouts) letting me know how "effective" those same exercises were! We have been doing them for quite a while but when we focused on the basic body position and I can coach and help client visualise where they should be contracting, tightening....the exercise takes on a whole new life.
This is the exact reason why education, follow-up, meeting with peers and being open to learning from others is so important. I learn and my clients benefit so much!
This is just one of the tidbits of amazing info I gain over the 4 day conference in Toronto. Join us at Performance Fitness to "feel" the difference!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Where will you be this time next year?

I always have believed in setting goals and having a positive attitude and how that can shape you and guide you. Lately I have become even more aware of how our beliefs, attitudes and behaviours also effect those around us, not just ourselves.
I have people come to work with me all the time who are so unhappy with where they are personally, physically and spiritually. Their main reason for coming to me is the physical but we need to look at the whole picture in order to make someone truly happy.
If there are personal goals that you have had for yourself that you have just pushed to the side because of any excuse at all, re-think and reassess why. Why can't you do that? What is stopping you from doing that thing that you have dreamt of doing? Set personal goals for yourself and surround yourself with people who will support those goals and help you on your journey. You need to make a decision from day one to stick to that path, that goal no matter what! No matter what temptation gets in your way, no matter what someone says to you, no matter if you have a "set back", you will keep on keeping on to reach that goal.
Your goal could be to be in the best shape of your life by this time next year; you will be stronger, leaner, more focused, priorities in line and happy with all aspects of life. If that is your goals, LOVE IT! But you need to be ready for temptations, especially with weight loss goals. Our world is full of fake food! Its everywhere and you don't need to move a muscle to get it...just call it in or drive through, you need to be ready to stick to what you know is the right way to eat clean because you will feel incredible if you do. You won't have the disappointment in yourself, the physically feeling awful cause of the food you ate, the week or 2 it takes to get the weight back off so you are back on track and the loss of energy and motivation.
So set your goals and commit to yourself and tell EVERYONE around you because they will help hold you accountable as well. YOU CAN DO THIS!
I believe with everything in me that we have so much more inside of us to share with the world and so much unleashed potential. Dig Deep, Reach High and be the person you were meant to be. The energised person who loves life, is vibrant and who others want to be around.
You all have something amazing to offer to the world and I want to be there when you unleash it! I learn so much for my clients everyday and its a privileged to be in the position i am and work with as many clients as I do. I hope that i can motivate you to be the person you want and to accomplish some amazing things!

Join the ViPR Revolution!

I have told many of you about this new innovative piece of equipment that I have now taken the certification for and will be launching at Performance Fitness in a few short weeks. I spent 8hrs last Thursday and another about 5 hrs over the past 3 days learning and loving this tool even more. I was absolutely crippled from the workouts Thursday because I spent about 4.5hrs using it! So don't worry, I wont be launching the 4hr class till next year! ha ha ha
The incredible thing about the ViPR is that is combines functional movement training and strength, so you can use heavier or lighter ViPR's depending on your goals but the muscles it hits, the cardio workout and the core you get from this tool is UNPRECEDENTED!
Are you ready to be a part of the revolution and transform your body? Performance Fitness is one of the only training studios or gym's in York Region to offer this program.
Join us on Sat Sept 8th for a FREE Demo. Choose 9am or 10am, we can only take 10ppl per session so register early.

I can not WAIT to show you what we can do with the ViPR and how amazing you will feel with this workout.

Fall is going to ROCK at Performance Fitness

            Programs fill up quickly so register ASAP by e-mailing

Fall Programs

The Ultimate Workout-
6:30-7:15am- Wed & Fri
Sept 12-Oct 19 (12 sessions)

Lunch Bootcamp-
12-1pm- Mon/Wed/Fri
Sept 10- Oct 19 (18 sessions)
Choose 2 or 3 days
2 days/wk- $203.40
3 days/wk- $305.10

York Region Employee Bootcamp-
5-6pm- Mon/Wed/Fri
Sept 10- Oct 19 (18 sessions)
Choose 2 or 3 days/wk
2 days/wk- $203.40
3 days/wk- $305.10

Evening/Week-end Bootcamp-
Mon & Fri @ 7pm & Sat @ 8am
Sept 10- Oct 20
Choose 2 or 3 days/wk

Specialty Programs

Sept 90min “Get Your Groove Back” Bootcamp
Saturday Sept 15- 8:30-10am
$15 cash

Couples Bootcamp-
Sat Sept 8th- 5:30-6:45pm
Sat Sept 29th- 5:30-6:45pm

Intro to ViPR training
Sat Sept 8th- 9am OR 10am
Only space for 8ppl/time slot
Register ASAP     

Hot Mama’s- mommy and baby fitness
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 11am
Sept 11- Oct 18 (6wks)
$203.40incl tax

FREE Running Group
Sunday Mornings at 7am
geared to beginner-intermediate runners
We also do one-on-one personal training, partner training, pre & post natal programs and MUCH MORE

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Do you realize your potential?

I have the privilege of working with a LOT of clients each week and meet new people all the time. Our clients are incredible;, they bring amazing attitudes, determination and a "can do" attitude. If you ask many of them they will probably tell you that when they are driving to the studio they may not feel like they have a "can do" attitude but by the time we get going, they are "there".
Many times when I tell a client what exercise I have planned for them, they will say "I can't do that!" or "I haven't done that in years" but when its time to grit and go....they KILL it!! I LOVE being able to show people a glimpse into their potential.
SO often we just assume we can't do things, with so many excuses as to why BUT with the right attitude and the willingness to try...YOU CAN!
Think about something you have thought about in the back of your mind and would love to do it but just pushed the thought away because you think "no, I can't do that, there is no point in trying"....and lets DO IT!
Set goals, train properly and think positively!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Oils and Their uses- Inform Yourself & Reap the benefits of Healthy fats

Check out this link on my website. There is a PDF 2 page document from Nature's Emporium that explains which oils should be used for which cooking, what is best for high heat and it also explains what happens if you use the wrong ones!
Don't loose the health benefits of your oils by using the wrong ones. Be informed.
Print it off and keep it in your kitchen

Happy Cooking

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Looking for a few amazing workouts in AUG?! Come see what we have for you

We are still running all our programs through Aug and have some space available still for those interested. Here is what we have going on, check out the dates and let us know which ones work for you. Even if you have to miss one of 2 let us know and we'll accomodate if we can.

The Ultimate Workout- 6:30-7:15am
July 30, Aug 1, 3, 8, 10, (no class week of 13th), 20, 22, 24, 27, 29, 31

Lunch Bootcamp- 12-1pm
July 30, Aug 1, 3, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22, 24, 27, 29, 31
(no class Aug 6, 10, 17)
$15/session+ hst

York Region Employee Bootcamp- 5-6pm
Aug 1, 8, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29
$15/session +hst

Evening Bootcamp- 7-8pm
July 30- Aug 29 (no class Mon Aug 6)
$15/session+ hst

Aug 90min Bootcamp
Sat Aug 11th, 8-9:30am
Only 5 Spots Left

Couples Bootcamp
Aug 25th, 5:30-6:45pm

To register contact Paula @