Friday, 31 August 2012

Natural Electrolyte drink & How to help digestion naturally

I had the privilege to attend a lecture with the famous Ms. Tosca Reno, the author of the Eat Clean Diet and all the books/cookbooks related. She is beautiful, over 50, energetic, realistic, knows what she wants and very confident. One the most enjoyable things and empowering things i got out of the lecture what being confident in who you are and in who you want to be and go after it. Don't let others comments, looks or advice steer you away from your goals; stay focused and you will get there.
There wasn't a ton of new information for me as far as what "Eating Clean" meant but I did pick up a few tidbit that i thought would be great to pass along to all of you.

Natural Electrolyte Drink- Coconut Water!!
Coconut water is one of the best sources of potassium for your body which is what we lose a lot of when sweating and exercising. So if you are doing a workout and want to get the most out of it and keep your energy at its peak then take this as your workout drink. If you are doing long bouts of high intensity exercise you will most likely need more replacement than just a Coconut water, look for an electrolyte replacement drink at your health food store like Endurolyte for example. Do NOT use Gatorade or Powerade, they are full of artificial flavouring and sugars that will give you a high then a big crash at the end.
There are many different brands of Coconut water and they are not all equal nor do they all taste the same. I have tried some that I don't like at all then I've found others that I do. So don't give up if the 1st one you try isn't to your liking.

Stop Indigestion- with Apple Cider Vinegar!!
If you suffer from Acid Reflux or regular indigestion, try taking a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar 20mins before a meal. The vinegar will help balance out your pH levels and acidity in your stomach so that it can process your foods properly. Also, do not drink during a meal, drink water 20-30mins before and meal and then after you have eaten. The water will dilute your stomach acids which then also makes it very hard for your food to be broken down properly and absorbed properly into your body.
With the Apple Cider Vinegar, do this routine of a shot before each meal for about 2 weeks then give it a rest and see how you feel, the goal is to teach your body where its pH levels are supposed to be and eventually it will get there on its own. If you take a break for a few weeks and the acid reflux begins again, start up another 2 week cycle.

Pass along these tips my friend to anyone you feel might need this. Its nice to have options that are good for your body and from Natural sources to help enhance our system, not throw in something man-made a foreign.



Monday, 27 August 2012

Calling all MEN!! This one's for you

Yes, I'm speaking to the guys in the crowd or you can pass along this info to your guys. Performance Fitness is launching our 1st ever MEN's ONLY Workout. We have had a lot of requests over the last few months from wives about what we do for men because most programs we have are attended by females. We are so excited to be launching this NEW program geared towards men and their goals.
This program is designed to;

  • increase muscle mass
  • small cardio bursts
  • sport movement training
  • a little competition
Tuesday Evenings @ 7pm
Sept 18- Oct 23 (6wks)
ONLY $101.70 incl tax
limited to 8ppl so register ASAP

I guarantee you will love this workout guys. You will be challenged, use the newest and most effective pieces of equipment and you will FEEL the difference when you are done!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Apples not apple sauce

I'm sure some of you are wondering what the heck I'm talking about; "Apples not Apple Sauce"...well I'm talking about your butt! When you are in any exercise, especially a plank position you MUST have Apples to support your lower back. If you contract your glutes so they look like 2 apples and then tighten your core, the plank will become a while new exercise for you.
I have used this technique since I came home from the Can Fit Pro conference this past week-end and it has transformed core work for most of my clients. Many clients have weak core muscles so plank cannot be held on their toes for long or they cant even hold the pelvic tilt. I now am coaching clients to do a plank with "Apples" tight as well as 10sec on with a full body contraction (core, bum, legs, arms, etc) then 5sec off and repeat this for 4-8times depending on the strength of the client.
We are having NO lower back complaints...we are having "my abs are SO sore" complaints! Which i am totally OK with.
So try out this new technique when doing your plank and feel the difference!
Apples people!!

Happy Planking

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Getting back to the basics

While at my annual fitness conference this year I attended a few sessions on the TRX Suspension trainer and the TRX RIP trainer which we have had in our studio for over a year now. The biggest and most effective tool I got out of the session is to get back to the basics of the movement. Couching clients to set up in the right position BEFORE the movement even starts. I started using these techniques immediately on Monday and man did it take our workouts to a whole new level. I have received 3 e-mail today (within 24hrs of workouts) letting me know how "effective" those same exercises were! We have been doing them for quite a while but when we focused on the basic body position and I can coach and help client visualise where they should be contracting, tightening....the exercise takes on a whole new life.
This is the exact reason why education, follow-up, meeting with peers and being open to learning from others is so important. I learn and my clients benefit so much!
This is just one of the tidbits of amazing info I gain over the 4 day conference in Toronto. Join us at Performance Fitness to "feel" the difference!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Where will you be this time next year?

I always have believed in setting goals and having a positive attitude and how that can shape you and guide you. Lately I have become even more aware of how our beliefs, attitudes and behaviours also effect those around us, not just ourselves.
I have people come to work with me all the time who are so unhappy with where they are personally, physically and spiritually. Their main reason for coming to me is the physical but we need to look at the whole picture in order to make someone truly happy.
If there are personal goals that you have had for yourself that you have just pushed to the side because of any excuse at all, re-think and reassess why. Why can't you do that? What is stopping you from doing that thing that you have dreamt of doing? Set personal goals for yourself and surround yourself with people who will support those goals and help you on your journey. You need to make a decision from day one to stick to that path, that goal no matter what! No matter what temptation gets in your way, no matter what someone says to you, no matter if you have a "set back", you will keep on keeping on to reach that goal.
Your goal could be to be in the best shape of your life by this time next year; you will be stronger, leaner, more focused, priorities in line and happy with all aspects of life. If that is your goals, LOVE IT! But you need to be ready for temptations, especially with weight loss goals. Our world is full of fake food! Its everywhere and you don't need to move a muscle to get it...just call it in or drive through, you need to be ready to stick to what you know is the right way to eat clean because you will feel incredible if you do. You won't have the disappointment in yourself, the physically feeling awful cause of the food you ate, the week or 2 it takes to get the weight back off so you are back on track and the loss of energy and motivation.
So set your goals and commit to yourself and tell EVERYONE around you because they will help hold you accountable as well. YOU CAN DO THIS!
I believe with everything in me that we have so much more inside of us to share with the world and so much unleashed potential. Dig Deep, Reach High and be the person you were meant to be. The energised person who loves life, is vibrant and who others want to be around.
You all have something amazing to offer to the world and I want to be there when you unleash it! I learn so much for my clients everyday and its a privileged to be in the position i am and work with as many clients as I do. I hope that i can motivate you to be the person you want and to accomplish some amazing things!

Join the ViPR Revolution!

I have told many of you about this new innovative piece of equipment that I have now taken the certification for and will be launching at Performance Fitness in a few short weeks. I spent 8hrs last Thursday and another about 5 hrs over the past 3 days learning and loving this tool even more. I was absolutely crippled from the workouts Thursday because I spent about 4.5hrs using it! So don't worry, I wont be launching the 4hr class till next year! ha ha ha
The incredible thing about the ViPR is that is combines functional movement training and strength, so you can use heavier or lighter ViPR's depending on your goals but the muscles it hits, the cardio workout and the core you get from this tool is UNPRECEDENTED!
Are you ready to be a part of the revolution and transform your body? Performance Fitness is one of the only training studios or gym's in York Region to offer this program.
Join us on Sat Sept 8th for a FREE Demo. Choose 9am or 10am, we can only take 10ppl per session so register early.

I can not WAIT to show you what we can do with the ViPR and how amazing you will feel with this workout.

Fall is going to ROCK at Performance Fitness

            Programs fill up quickly so register ASAP by e-mailing

Fall Programs

The Ultimate Workout-
6:30-7:15am- Wed & Fri
Sept 12-Oct 19 (12 sessions)

Lunch Bootcamp-
12-1pm- Mon/Wed/Fri
Sept 10- Oct 19 (18 sessions)
Choose 2 or 3 days
2 days/wk- $203.40
3 days/wk- $305.10

York Region Employee Bootcamp-
5-6pm- Mon/Wed/Fri
Sept 10- Oct 19 (18 sessions)
Choose 2 or 3 days/wk
2 days/wk- $203.40
3 days/wk- $305.10

Evening/Week-end Bootcamp-
Mon & Fri @ 7pm & Sat @ 8am
Sept 10- Oct 20
Choose 2 or 3 days/wk

Specialty Programs

Sept 90min “Get Your Groove Back” Bootcamp
Saturday Sept 15- 8:30-10am
$15 cash

Couples Bootcamp-
Sat Sept 8th- 5:30-6:45pm
Sat Sept 29th- 5:30-6:45pm

Intro to ViPR training
Sat Sept 8th- 9am OR 10am
Only space for 8ppl/time slot
Register ASAP     

Hot Mama’s- mommy and baby fitness
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 11am
Sept 11- Oct 18 (6wks)
$203.40incl tax

FREE Running Group
Sunday Mornings at 7am
geared to beginner-intermediate runners
We also do one-on-one personal training, partner training, pre & post natal programs and MUCH MORE

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Do you realize your potential?

I have the privilege of working with a LOT of clients each week and meet new people all the time. Our clients are incredible;, they bring amazing attitudes, determination and a "can do" attitude. If you ask many of them they will probably tell you that when they are driving to the studio they may not feel like they have a "can do" attitude but by the time we get going, they are "there".
Many times when I tell a client what exercise I have planned for them, they will say "I can't do that!" or "I haven't done that in years" but when its time to grit and go....they KILL it!! I LOVE being able to show people a glimpse into their potential.
SO often we just assume we can't do things, with so many excuses as to why BUT with the right attitude and the willingness to try...YOU CAN!
Think about something you have thought about in the back of your mind and would love to do it but just pushed the thought away because you think "no, I can't do that, there is no point in trying"....and lets DO IT!
Set goals, train properly and think positively!