Friday, 17 January 2014

Help us choose the new saying on the studio wall!!

We will be putting a motivational saying on the way out of the studio after you finish a workout. Which saying do you like the best?

1) Sore? Tired? Out of Breath?, Sweaty? GOOD! It's working
2) NEVER stop improving
3) You are SO worth it. Stay strong
4) No, your legs aren't tired. Yes, You can Breathe. Keep Going

Post your top choice by commenting which # is your fav

Performance Fitness Ultimate Team Challenge

Performance Fitness 1st Annual
Ultimate Team Challenge!
Feb 10-28 2014
How the FUN works:
  • ·         Each trainer is a team captain (Paula, Kirstin & Elise); teams will be put together by the Performance Fitness Staff
  • ·         Each team will create their team name and receive team shirts (colour chosen by their captain)
  • ·         Track your daily workout minutes via e-ballot or ballot at the studio
  • ·         Points awarded for cardio, strength, core & flexibility
  • ·         Bonus trivia questions every day to gain more points for your team
  • ·         Weekly Quiz for your name to go into a draw for Special Prizes (massage, smoothie, spa gift certificate)
  • ·         Feb 90min Bootcamp (Feb 8) included and is our Kickoff
  • ·         Other Special Challenges throughout the 3 weeks to gain even more points for your team

What you get:
  • ·         BRAGGING RIGHTS…if your team wins
  • ·         90min Bootcamp (coffee/tea & fruit afterwards)
  • ·         Team Shirt
  • ·         A chance to win the weekly draw prizes
  • ·         The most FUN you’ve had working out!

Register by Feb 1 in order to choose shirt size
Only $20/person

Are you up for the Challenge? Can you handle it?
Come be motivated, get prizes for working out & have a BLAST with us!!

To Register talk to your trainer or contact Paula Man                                                                      905-715-2666

Thursday, 9 January 2014

The ONLY way you will be successful with your health & weight loss goals is..

Believe you are worth the effort and time!
I have been a personal trainer for over 13 yrs now and have helped lots of people lose major inches, body fat and weight BUT I have also tried to help many other people but it just didn't happen for them, many trainers wouldn't admit that! I am very proud of and know the programs I develop and workouts I give to clients work BUT I only spent 2-4hrs/week with clients, there are 168hrs in a week! That's a lot of time that we all have to fight our own negative thoughts and media induced low self-image. 
The biggest and most important thing I have to teach clients is how to love themselves! You can be your own best supporter OR your worst enemy. Tell me, last time you looked at yourself in the mirror, what were the first thoughts? Was it "wow I have awesome hair today?", "my butt looks awesome in these jeans", "damn I'm hot!" Or was it "my hips are so big", "look at that roll on my stomach", "I hate this mirror". More often than not, it's the latter negative comments we speak to ourselves. Did you know it takes 15 positive comments to just erase the effects on our self-esteem of just ONE negative comment...FIFTEEN! That's how strong negative comments are. 
If you really want to make a lifetime change to be healthier, stronger inside and out, happier person, you need to start with your view of yourself. 
YOU ARE worth it! You are worth the time, effort, money and positive words!
Start by choosing a positive "go to" phrase that whenever you start down the negative road in your mind, you stop it by saying;
- I CAN do this
-I AM worth it
-I deserve to be happy
-Show Love (my personal fav; I use it on myself as well as negative people. You will change others around you!)

These are just a few examples but choose yours and write it on a sticky note & stick it to your bathroom mirror, put it as a reminder in your phone calendar! Keep saying it to yourself and I promise, your outlook on yourself and the world around you will change.
Until you take pride in yourself and know that you are beautiful, the changes you are trying to make will not last. Understand your value in this world and that this world would NEVER be the same without you.
Be the best version of you and the happiness and RESULTS will follow quickly.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Small group Yoga coming to performance fitness!!

You're probably asking "what is small group yoga?", let me explain. With all our programs at Performance Fitness we pride ourselves on attention to technique, modification for injuries and results. When you have large groups in exercise classes or yoga classes, the instructor cannot possibly work with every person on their form, posture and technique to ensure no injuries and best possible results. So we are offering a completely different yoga experience from what you will get anywhere else! 
First of all, Deborah Whipple has be practising yoga since 1979 and teaching and training teachers for the past 12 yrs full time. Her passion for the yoga practise and art form fits exactly with our focus and passion for fitness and health so we are SO excited to be partnering with her. 
In this 10wk yoga session there will be a different focus each week; there will be hands on instruction/correction/teaching, you will learn how to focus on your body and breathing and how to control your posture to correct imbalances and weaknesses, you will learn from each other and the rest of the group and develop a community with the group.
If you are interested in this amazing 10wk experience or would like to register please email or call 905-715-2666

Thursday, 2 January 2014

JUMP back on the wagon

So the holiday season comes to a close and hopefully you have enjoyed fun, laughter, good food, time with family & friends and lots more. Now it's time to get back to normal as work and school starts again soon. 
Here are some basic guidelines to help you feel less bloated and give you more energy;
1) drink 2L of water EVERY day
2) get 8hrs of sleep each night
3) be active for at least 30mins everyday
4) eat lots of colour! Fruits & veg
5) no sugar or processed foods
6) focus on the words "Show Love" throughout your day, no matter if someone is show if love to you or not

Happy 2014 everyone, make it the best year yet.