Sunday, 21 April 2013

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Saturday, 20 April 2013

"Laugh Till You Cry" moments

I was listening to a radio program this week that was talking about family and specifically your children and what means the most to them. As far as what they remember from their childhood and what builds their character; time spent together as a family and laughing! Specifically seeing their parents laugh, and I don't mean just a little smile and giggle but a BIG DEEP "laugh till you cry" type of laugh.
I didn't realise it until I heard him say that but its SO true! Last week-end my husband made me laugh really hard and my girls had no idea what it was about but they automatically started to laugh and it put us all in a good mood. I know we have all heard it before that laughter is good for the soul but seriously, have you tried it?! I want you to be aware and try to have fun with your kids and have at least one of those "Laugh till you cry" moments every week.
Don't be too busy, up tight, structured or out of touch to have those moments. That is my personal goal as well. I am a super busy mama of 4 girls ranging from 7wks old-5.5yrs old and I own a growing business...there are MANY times that I am just too tired or too busy to stop and laugh with my kids...NOT ANYMORE. I am setting my goal to try and have those moments because it changes us all and lets guards down and ties us closer together.

Laugh out loud this week-end!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Setting Goals

Well it here everyone...SPRING! Do you feel like throwing on your running shoes and heading outside? Whether you run, walk, bike, roller blade, etc this weather gets everyone outdoors. Well lets set some goals together and keep each other accountable!

Here are a few events for runners and walkers that we at Performance Fitness will be participating in and would love to have you join us;

Easter Seal 5k & 10k race
Sunday May 26th at the Newmarket Riverwalk Commons

Color Me Rad 5km race
Saturday June 22- Downsview Park Toronto

Tough Mudder run and Obstacle Course
This is not for new runners, this race will push you limits in cardio and strength.
Sept 28 & 29- Mount Saint Louis Moonstone

Choose your goals and commit. Don't just think about it and say "i'm going to do it", REGISTER and tell people. You are WAY more likely to reach your goal if you tell others about it.



Thursday, 11 April 2013

Your skin is your biggest organ...nourish it properly!

Here is a tribute to some awesome ECO friendly products and I am so proud to be a part of one of the companies who are given a spot in this list..way to go Arbonne! Another reason why I have decided to supply this product as a part of my business and use these products in my home.

If you are interested in the Arbonne Products or about being a part of this awesome company send me an e-mail at


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Posture People!!!

I was standing at church this morning looking around at everyone and of course, the trainer in me is never turned off. The number of people with rounded shoulders and slouching was huge!! Many people are active and workout but do the train for BALANCE and posture? Do YOU??
Here are 2 key things to note when planning your workouts to help create better posture;

1.When we want to work upper body we tend to hit the chest, front and top of shoulders, bicep and triceps the most. When we do engage in a back exercise, many times it is not done with proper technique and the arms do most of the work, not our postural muscles and scapular (shoulder blades) stabilisers which are the MOST IMPORTANT. So here is what you need to do; when you perform any ROW exercise, focus on squeezing an orange between your shoulder blades when you pull back and then pause for 2-5sec and focus on pushing your chest up. You will feel muscles working that you never did before! Its not easy but it gives you great posture and you will have a tight, tones and strong back.

2. When you work your you work your whole CORE? Most people think Core work means crunches, bicycles, x-overs, etc but that only works the superficial "front" of the body core muscles. When someone says "CORE" what they mean is all the way around your trunk. The best core exercise is the plank; you can do front plank, side planks or bridges which all focus on the transverse abdominis and work it as a whole, not one "ab" muscle at a time. You should be planking just as much if not more than all those "other" ab exercises. You will see a difference in your stomach pretty quickly, you will stand taller and hold your belly in tighter and your pants will fit a little looser just from changing that one part of your workout.

So lets stand tall and proud! Your lower back will thank you and you will show off your confidence and determination when you enter a room!

Have a great week

Thursday, 4 April 2013

New Studio coming along quickly!!

I am so excited about the progress on the new studio, our 2nd location inside LifeSpring Physio Therapy. It is a larger space to accommodate all our group programs better and allow us to grow as a business. The framing is done and underlay for floor and electrical being done this week. There is even a possibility we will be using that space for our 90min bootcamp April 13th!!!
SO EXCITING!! Stay tuned for some pictures of the progress as it happens.