Wednesday, 27 March 2013

We still have a FEW spots open...for YOU!!

Our Spring programs are about to start up next week and we have many group sessions that are FULL which is amazing! BUT we do have some spaces in a program that may work PERFECT for your schedule. Check out the days/times below and make yourself a priority this spring and come meet some amazing new friends...all while changing your body and your life!

6:25-7:15am (mon & wed)-The Ultimate Workout ** 3 SPOTS LEFT**
This workout uses TRX, kettle bells and ViPR to get the most bang for your buck in an awesome 50mins body blast to start your day off right!

5-6pm (mon & wed)- York Region Employee Bootcamp **4 SPOTS LEFT**
This small group personal training session incorporates cardio intervals, strength circuits and core work to transform your body into a fat burning machine!

7-8pm (mon & wed)- Evening Bootcamp **4 SPOTS LEFT**
This is a group for those who work full time or are too busy daytime but still want to take some time for themselves and get a great workout for stress relief.

8am Saturday ViPR Class **3 SPOTS LEFT**
The class is unlike anything you will find at ANY OTHER GYM! The ViPR is a tool created to combine strength training and movement training. So your body will get stronger and toned as well as keeping your heart rate up and burn massive calories at the same time.

Click here to see our full calendar for April/May and click on which ever program works best for you to register online. We can't wait to see you in the studio!!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Introducing the "Challenge Your Performance" contest!

We are excited to announce Performance Fitness 1st ever challenge! This challenge is designed to get people motivated and back on track after the toughest few months of the year where we all just want to hibernate! It is a challenge against yourself to improve as much as possible from April 1- April 30.
Here are the contest details:
- you will be tested on 4 different exercises (push-ups, plank, squat jumps/step ups and wall sits) in the 1st week of April then re-assessed the 1st week of May
- the top 5 "MOST IMPROVED" clients will get bragging rights, a specialised shirt and a gift certificate to use towards their next training package.

This contest is NOT mandatory for all our clients, it is completely up to you if you'd like to participate. We are really excited to show you what you can do and how much you can improve your fitness in only 4wks!
So to register e-mail your personal trainer or TODAY!


Monday, 25 March 2013

Exercising while breast feeding

Hey mamas!
Congrats on your new bundle of joy! So much excitement, joy, sleep deprivation and lack of laundry happening in your life right now I'm sure. You're doing great!

I have been a personal trainer for over 13yrs and just delivered my 4th baby girl 4wks ago, I have learned a lot about my body and how it copes after delivery when I introduce exercise.
The main thing I want to inform and warn you about today is how your breast milk production may decrease if you are doing too much and decreasing or expending too many calories.
In other words; if you are trying to drop your baby weight and start to exercise 5 days a week for an hour but don't feed your body properly it could make your body stop producing as much milk because breast feeding takes a lot of calories. Being pregnant, your body only needs 300 more calories/day to grow a healthy baby BUT when you are breast feeding, your body requires 500 calories/day!
So you are asking "how can I lose my baby weight & keep up my milk production?"...well here is how:
- exercise in moderation at first till you see how your body feels to make sure you do not exhaust yourself. Your baby needs you!
- eat a good meal/snack before your workouts, about an hr before and eat within 45mins after your workout
- eat lean meats, good fats, grain such as rice, quinoa, couscous, legumes and nuts/seeds
- drink LOTs of water! 2-3L a day!

Start off slow then increase the intensity of your workout each week as your body allows but don't expect the weight to drop off in a few weeks (depending on how much you gained), listen to your body and feed it healthy foods with reasonable portion sizes and the weight will take are of itself I promise!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Where is Spring?! I need to get out a RUN!

It was a little depressing hearing on Wed that at this time last year it was 22degrees! We are not even CLOSE to that right now and we keep getting more white stuff!
Our learn to run starts next Sunday and its outside so I'm hoping just for less wind and no ice! I don't think I'll be hitting the sidewalks to do a test-run for a mama who hasn't run outside in 4 months before I get out with my group but that's all good... I GOT THIS!
I'm so excited about the group we have coming, it's going to be so much fun that it will distract for the pain in our chest and legs as we run! Lol

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Eat to Nourish!

I've been feeling awesome after having Isabella almost 3 weeks ago so i have gradually and slowly started to exercise a little each day. I ran/walk 4km yesterday which felt great...but i paid for my "lack of good fuel" later that day. I didn't make a snack/smoothie after the run like i used to & we made chicken fingers, fries and cucumber with humus for lunch so that's what I had. Those foods were not enough to replenish mu nursing & running body, so the result....MASSIVE HEADACHE!
Its amazing how our body communicates to us & tell us "that was a stupid move!" So once i figured it out, I pretty much had a 2nd dinner and the headache went away!

Lesson Learned; Fuel your body properly and it will do whatever you ask of it. It is not just about how hard we train, it is MORE about what we feed it, you cannot train to your full potential until you feed your body pure, natural & clean foods.
Happy St. Patty's Day!


Thursday, 14 March 2013

March 90min bootcamp is NEXT SAT!!

Saturday Mar 23rd is our monthly 90min bootcamp. Kirstin & Elise are ready to bring you a workout that will push your limits, make you sweat & start your sat with a smile! Register NOW & if you bring a friend only pay $10/each instead of $15.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Let the running begin...the slow re-introduction of running that is!

OK so for all of you that think I'm nuts, i did speak to my midwives yesterday who have now known me for 2 years and how my body heals after a pregnancy/delivery. I have been given the OK to start slowly which i plan on doing starting today! I am so ready to set and SMASH some big goals this year, and hoping the biggest one will be concurring he Tough Mudder in September.
Everyone has different goals but it is SO important to set those goals, or else what are you working towards?!
Challenge Yourself & Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
You will see what your True Potential is &

Nordic Pole Walking Group (train for 10km)

Leave Winter Behind & 
Walk your way into Spring with our

Join Elise Cunningham, certified Nordic pole walking instructor for an incredible workout that has tremendous benefits! By the end of your 7 week session you will able to successfully complete a 10km walk!

Benefits of Nordic Pole Walking:
·         Burns 20%-46% more calories than regular walking
·         Uses 90% of the muscles in your body for a highly effective full body work out
·         Helps eliminate back, shoulder and neck pain
·         Reduces impact on knee & hip joints
·         Decreases high blood pressure
·         Reduces insulin resistance (helps with diabetes)
·         Improves posture, balance, stability & more!

Our Goal is to participate in the 10km Easter Seals Walk on Sunday, May 26th, 2013

 Saturday, April 6th - May 18th (7 weeks)
8:00 am on Saturdays
LifeSpring Physiotherapy Clinic,
2 Orchard Hts. Blvd, Suite 36, Aurora

$105 + $64.95 for poles (+ HST)   
Participants who have poles the will only be charged the instruction fee.
Please sign up in advance by contacting:
 Paula Man, 905-715-2666 or

Monday, 11 March 2013

How you ask?!!?

I have so many people ask me "How do you manage 4 kids, your own business and training/doing your own workouts?" So i've decided to adress this "rumor"...LOL
There are totally days that I do not feel like the supermom that I have been called; I have days that i feel like all i have done is yelled at my kids, tried to keep the house tidy/clean but it looks no different than it did that morning and make a good meal that no one wants to eat! Being a mama, whether you have 1 or 7 kids is a VERY tough job BUT I'm sure you would all agree that it is the most rewarding job in the world.
Now as far as how I manage and keep smiling and doing all that i do; EXERCISE IS MY SANITY!!! I'm 100% serious, I need to move and get the blood flowing and endorphins pumping through me and it makes me a happier mama and wife (if you don't believe me ask my husband! LOL)
I also find that fresh air and movement is the key to happier kids! My kids are VERY active, many people have told me little boys are way more "busy" than girls...well those people need to come to my house and meet my girls! There is no sitting still in my house, they dance, jump, run, sing, dance and dance some more. I try and get the kids outside for walks, park, zoo, sledding, etc cause they get fresh air, they run off their energy and it wears them out! LOVE IT!!
The final key to helping me "keep on keeping on" is that I love what i do!!! Whether it is being with my family or working with clients or planning new programs for Performance Fitness... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! You have a choice in your attitude each day, I realise that not everyone loves their job like i do or gets to spend their days which such amazing clients BUT we can choose to find the little things that make us happy everyday. Choose to be the person you want to be no matter what haters come into your path or what loop is thrown your way.
So there it is people, no big secrets to my life, its just loving what I do, Exercise/movement for me and my family and choosing to be "in the moment" and make it good!
Have an awesome Monday and make it great!
More mama craziness to come soon


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I'm getting antsy!

Welcome to the musings of a full time personal trainer, business owner, runner and "must always be busy" mama of 4...who is now off with my newborn baby girl. So on day 8 after delivery I have a gorgeous baby girl and I am getting very antsy to get my body moving!
My husband thinks I'm nuts but I'm dying to start running again and working out. I'm trying to lay low since its only been 8 days since I had Isabella but when you haven't done something you love for month and months... It's hard!
I'm like most mama's, we want to get back to our pre-baby bodies but I still do realize I'm recovering on the inside too. So I will do small planks on my knees, some TRX upper body at a minimal angle and walking for a few more weeks.
BUT once week 3 hits... I'm off to the races baby! Setting some big goals and using some of the awesome equipment at the studio to get back!
Stay tuned for more in the mind of a crazy mama of 4!

Online Personalized Program Design Service

We will now be offering an ONLINE PERSONALIZED PROGRAM DESIGN SERVICE for clients to have a program designed with explanations, pictures, reps & sets. This is for current clients who want a program to follow at the gym/home to compliment what they are doing when they are at the studio OR for new clients who can't make it to our programs but have heard about our Results Oriented programs and would like one designed for them.
What is included:

  1. An e-mail/phone conversation with one of our highly qualified and certified personal trainers to discuss your goals, what you are currently doing, quick nutrition review
  2. A program designed based around your specific goals, the equipment you have access to
  3. a detailed description of each exercise with pictures, set and reps to be completed
  4. a "check-in" via e-mail to make sure you are happy with the program and are doing it regularly in order to see results
All this for only $40!! You now don't need to come to our studio to gain amazing RESULTS, be motivated and held accountable. We can design programs for home or at the gym, if you have little-to-no equipment or a full can GET RESULTS! Let us get you there for an affordable rate with no major commitments of time or money. No matter where you live, we can work with you!

If this is something that you have been looking for e-mail me at or call 905-715-2666
Please pass along this post to friends or family that you know would benefit from it or have expressed an interest in our programs but just can get to the studio because of time, finances or distance from us...THEY NOW CAN GET THE RESULTS THEY WANT!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Do you know ALL Performance Fitness has for you??

We have MANY clients that have trained with us for a long time and whenever I mention a different program that we offer they usually say "Oh, I didn't know you had that! That's great!" We have expanded what we offer to our clients A LOT in the last 6-8 months!
  So I wanted to take a minute to tell you all about what we do at Performance Fitness in 2013.

6:25-7:15am (mon & wed)- The Ultimate Workout- this early morning body blast uses a combination of TRX, Kettle Bells and ViPR to challenge your body in a fast paced 45-min workout that is sure to start your day off right and have you burning TONS of calories for the rest of the day.

12-1pm- Lunch Bootcamp (mon, wed & fri)- This full hour of fun is a small group circuit training style group that includes cardio, strength, core and flexibility. It is a group that knows how to work hard and laugh at the same time. Make the changes you want in your body and meet some great new friends at the same time.

5-6pm (mon & wed)- This is an after work Small Group Personal Training session that will allow you to come straight from work, take away the stress of work and frustrations so you go home energised and positive! Our workout is geared to burn calories, lose weight and drop body fat. It will challenge you and empower you!

7-8pm (mon/wed)- This evening workout is planned similar to our 5pm Small Group Personal Training workout but the timing is for those who need to get home to families commitments or just need something later on to fit it into their schedule. You will see cardio intervals, strength training, core work and MORE!

MEN ONLY (tues & thurs @ 7pm)- This workout is only for the guys! Get ready to burn off the body fat around your midsection and gain muscle. This is not like our other programs at all; we have geared this workout towards what men are looking for in a workout with some sport influences as well with battle ropes, agility ladders and plyometrics. This group only takes 6 guys and always fills up FAST!

HOT MAMA's/ STROLLER FIT (tues & thurs)- These workouts are a BLAST! We have designed a workout that is geared towards mama getting results and back to pre-baby shape or better all while having you new little one come with you.
With HOT MAMA's we are in the studio using the TRX, Kettle Bells, ViPR, Stability Balls, BOSU and More while your baby plays in the exersaucer, playpen or bouncy chair. We do weigh-in and measurements at beginning and end of each 6-week session so you can see your results.
In STROLLER FIT we take it to the trail! We meet at the train off St.John's Side Rd just east of Yonge and use the train for speed walking/jogging intervals then at planned spots along the trail we stop and do strength and core work using body weight, Resistance bands and benches. Come get some fresh air with your little one and feel your body tone and tighten like you haven't in a long time!

ViPR Class (sat @ 8am)- This is a group training program that NO OTHER gym/studio in York Region offers! ViPR's are a unique piece of equipment that any person, beginner-advanced, can use. It adds weight to movement. So it will create a cardio based strength workout...BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! This class is a Performance Fitness Favourite among our clients.

We also have speciality Monthly Programs;
90Min Bootcamp- We change the focus each month to show case a new piece of equipment or focus on specific body parts....TONS OF FUN!
Couples Bootcamp- Bring your spouse and have an awesome & ACTIVE Date night!!

So what can we do for you? LOTS!!! Let us get you the results you want and have been trying to achieve but just haven't been able to get there yet.
check out for pricing, dates and info.
Pass along to friends and family as well, we LOVE meeting new people and welcome drop-ins to try out a class any time.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Huge Calorie BURN during weight workouts...HOW?

Most of the time when people are on a "strength" day, they tend not to do too much cardio, maybe just a warm up then the rest of the time is spent sitting on a bench, weight machine and walking between exercises. If you are really challenging yourself during your strength sets your heart rate will increase for a small amount of time but then drop off again quite quickly. In order to burn as many calories as possible and as much body fat, you want to push during your strength sets but also add in quick 30-60sec cardio based exercises to keep that heart rate pumping.
Here are some examples you can throw in between every 1-3 exercises to get the most "Burn for your Buck"

  • mountain climbers
  • jumping jacks/modified jacks
  • squat jumps
  • lunge jumps
  • dynamic lunges
  • step ups
  • high-knees
  • stairs (as fast as you can)
...just to name a few

So throw these into your next workout and you will definitely feel the difference and be breathing a lot heavier than you used to but you will feel AMAZING!

Check out for all our programs or e-mail me at with any questions.