Monday, 29 October 2012

Planning some HUGE things for 2013

So I'm going to let you all in for a sneak preview of a weight loss program that I am working on with Holistic Nutritionist, Debbie Allen. It will combine bootcamp OR personal training with one-on-one nutritional counselling and daily nutritional e-mail check-ins with Debbie.
Debbie and I have worked together with MANY clients over the last 8yrs and have seen some HUGE success stories. I have also consulted Debbie personally while nursing and training for a marathon as well as my husband who lost 35lbs in 12weeks with Debbie's nutritional counselling.
If you are "stuck" with your weight or you just don't know where to go with your diet, this is the program for you. We will combine Performance Fitness' innovative way of functional training to burn calories and drop body fat along with Debbie's individualised nutritional plan and the accountability of weekly weigh-ins to get you to where you want to be.
Stay tuned for this amazing program to come Jan 2013, registrations will begin Dec 2012.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Food Diaries- why they work so well

I get asked A LOT every day, how do I loose weight cause I've tried EVERYTHING?! and usually my first suggestion is a food diary or an online app such as When you record what you are eating, you are forced to confront what you have put in your mouth or what you are about to. You have to "admit to the world" that you ate it and for that sole fact it makes you think twice before you put it in your mouth.
Also, many times we aren't even aware of how much we eat, its like we have selective memory when it comes to food, we are so proud of all the good stuff then somehow forget about the chips, popcorn, fries, pop, candies we grabbed on the run.
The bottom line is you need to be accountable and accept your role in your weight journey, your body didn't magically get to where it is now and there isn't a magic way to get it off. You CAN get to where you want to be 100% BUT its all about how much you want to get there. Commit to take care of your body and the difference in your mind and sole will be incredible.
Use a food diary to keep on track and make sure you are eating a balanced diet high in protein, fruits and veggies and low in wheat, sugars and processed foods.
If you need the accountability then I am absolutely willing to check-up on you or find a holistic nutritionist in your area and they are an amazing resource.

You can!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

At home workout #1

Alrighty, so here is at home workout #1 using only stability ball and tubing. This workout will give you a full body burn and be a great addition to any bootcamp/circuit class or cardio you are also doing. Or if you are not doing anything else then this workout should be done 2-3 times a week along with cardio.

20x step ups onto the 1st step, 20x jumping jacks (can be modified to a step out, alternating legs if you cant jump), 15x squats, 20 dynamic lunges (stepping forward and back alternating legs), plank for 45sec with abs, bum and legs tight

  1. Squat and Row with tubing anchored in front of you on a stable pole, banister, treadmill, etc (15-20x)
  2. Torso rotations with tubing (20x per side)
  3. Ball Squats against a wall- ball at lower back and upper part of bum and feet out from the wall so you are leaning on the ball. bend the knees till 90degrees keeping your body straight then stand back up again. If these are easy you can go down to 90degrees then hold in a wall sit for 45-75sec or hold weights if you have them
  4. Chest press and Lunge with the tubing anchored behind you; keep core tight through whole movement
  5. Ball Crunches- max with keeping hips up in pelvic tilt
  6. Ball Hamstring Curls- lying on your back on floor with heels and lower calves on the ball. Life hips so only your upper back is on the floor and bend you knees pulling the ball into your bum and back out again- 10-20x
  7. Plank- 10sec up, 5 sec down, repeat this 5-10x depending on your core strength. Your whole body should be in a contraction when you are holding up for those 10sec and BREATHE!
  8. Mountain Climbers- 30-40x
Chest press -starting position
Chest press- finishing position

squat with tubing anchored in front
row at the top of the squat

Mountain Climbers- alternating pulling knees in
Plank- body in straight line and bum tight with pelvic tilt

Repeat this whole circuit 2-3x depending on your time and how much your body can handle. If you are a beginner start with once for the first couple workouts then add the 2nd set. The goal is to move through the circuit quite quickly to keep your heart rate up and burn the most calories and fat possible.

ALWAYS STRETCH once you are totally finished as well or you will regret it the next day because you will be stiff.

If you need any modifications for injuries or joint issues just let me know and that's easy!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Muscle Up- Men ONLY Workout still has room!

Our new program launched 6wks ago geared towards the men in the crowd has gone amazingly well! All 5 guys are registered for our next session and we have added a 2nd day to the workouts to increase the results! This program is geared to all fitness levels and gradually increases with each workout, men do NOT need to be regular exercisers to join...everyone welcome!
If you have a man in your life that wants to increase his muscle mass, decrease body fat, tighten up his abs and do it with other like-minded guys then register ASAP, Only 2 spots left!

Tuesdays @ 7pm and Thursdays @ 7:30pm
Oct 30- Dec 4
$203.40 incl tax

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Burn mad calories... Without the gym!

So we're going to start with the cardio for the 1st segment of the "you don't need a gym membership to transform your body".
If you have a treadmill or elliptical or bike at home you can follow these same principals just like you would using stairs, a park bench (step ups) or sprinting/speed walking from lamppost to lamp post. Choose your activity then follow these simple guidelines to get a time efficient and big calorie burning workout at home;

1) 5min warm-up- whatever activity you choose start at a comfortable pace then every min get a little faster or higher incline to bring your heart rate up so the breathing is heavier by the time 5mins rolls around
2) increase your speed, incline or intensity to as much as you can for 60sec, breathing should be heavy, (not able to carry on a conversation), and it should feel uncomfortable cause you worked hard. The pace you go at is completely different for each person so work at your "high" for the 60sec
3) rest for 1-2mins, until you have cause your breath enough to go again. The absolute max you should rest is 2mins though
REPEAT THE 60sec high and 1-2min low 5-7 TIMES. If you are used to cardio add a few more but for those of you starting fresh or after a long break do this interval repeat 2-3 times for a week before you add another interval.
4) cool down- Brian intensity slowly down to a "everyday" pace for 3-5mins and ensure your breathing and heart rate are at a comfortable spot before you stop to stretch
5) stretch- stretch quads (front of thigh), hamstrings (back of thigh), calves (lower leg) & hip (sit and put one ankle across opposite knee then tilt forward till you feel it stretch in hip/bum of the leg that's up)

Commit to yourself how many times you are going to do this each week for the next 3 wks and then go from there. This interval program will only take 20-30mins, it's very manageable so JUST DO IT! Your body will thank you!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Get the most out of EVERY workout

Most people have some sort of fitness and health goal but not everyone has a gym membership or cannot afford one. I'm here to tell you that no matter if you can get to a gym or not, you can change your body with VERY minimal equipment! Its all about consistency and challenging your body.
So as far what it looks like in your life here goes;
  • Commit 45mins 4x week to YOU! Work with your partner/spouse and have them on your side, if they are not and you know this is a priority for you than maybe talk to other friends/family members who can help if you have children who need to be taken care of to give you time to workout
  • Have a minimal repertoire of equipment at home; stability ball ($25) and tubing (medium tension- $20)
  • Make an awesome play list to rock to and that will keep your "head in the game" when you're really working hard
  • Get rid of the high sugar and processed foods/drinks from the house. Shop smart and be organised so you don't fall into the "I am too busy" to eat properly
  • Get yourself a big water bottle and drink constantly! Your body requires and thrives off water so nourish it and it will reward you with some great results and energy.
So now that you have committed to these principles, you are ready to make some big changes! You will feel better mentally and have more energy as well as start to see those inches drop and weight go down. 
The main principles to follow when designing a home workout are; functional exercises (more than one muscle group working in each exercise), start with big muscle groups and work down to smaller, CORE CORE CORE, keep your heart rate up for as long as possible (no big breaks between exercises).

Check back soon for some sample home workouts using your body weight, stability ball & tubing.

If you want more specific info, e-mail me at

Friday, 12 October 2012

Meet the newest edition t our family...Coming March 2013

 Man Baby #4 was waving when it saw Abby watching him/her.
 Abby loved it!
This little one is doing very well and  moving like a champ at 
only 19wks along. 
Can't wait to meet him/her in a few short months

Thursday, 11 October 2012

What will people remember most about you?

My husbands Grandmother passed away this past week-end and we had the funeral today. It was such a celebration of her life with great stories, lots of laughs and smiles all around.
She lived a long life of 93yrs and has 36 great grand children and 2 more own the way. It's said family is your greatest blessing and I totally agree. She was a God-fearing, loving, inspirational and family center woman.
It got me thinking, not to be morbid, but what will people remember about me when it's my time to go? We never know when that will happen so we need to live everyday and every MOMENT to the fullest. Think selflessly, love passionately and give whole-heartedly.
Make your moments, days and years count !

Sunday, 7 October 2012

How to prevent Diastasis during pregnancy

First of all, what is a Diastasis you ask? It is a separation in the abdominal wall that happens as a woman belly gets larger during pregnancy. It separates the abdomen into left and right along the linea alba. Some women don't ever experience a Diastasis and some women never recover from them!
There are some simple ways to work your core muscles to try and prevent this from happening and there are some things you should avoid to ensure this doesn't happen.

1) plank plank plank- this exercise is incredible for strengthening your core as a whole, not just one part of it. It holds everything tight from your spine rot around to your abdomen. It also doesn't cause any added pressure from the inside out during pregnancy and can be modified to suit any stage of pregnancy. Plank can also be done in conjunction with your keagels to ensure a solid core & pelvic floor for during and after delivery.
2) DO NOT CRUNCH! Crunches put added pressure on the adbdinal muscles and push from the inside as the baby can only move forward as you decrease the space while crunching. This pressure can cause the muscles to push apart. Once the separation starts you don't want to do anything to enhance it so all the core work should be holding your body in a straight position and contracting your core to hold on toes or knees.

Front planks and side planks are some of the most challenging and effective abdominal exercises. So the great news is that you can continue these exercises through your pregnancy! Stay strong and active throughout your pregnancy and you will have an easier recovery after labour, possibly easier labour and to get your body back to pre-baby condition is MUCH easier.

I am a mama of 3 young girls and pregnant with my 4th and I have been active through all my pregnancies, in many different ways. Having done this, I have been able to "bounce back" relatively quickly and I completely attribute my attitude, focus, patience (some days) with my kids and being able to balance family and being self-employed to my faith and my fitness.
So keep active whatever way you love and if you need more tips, ideas or modifications for pregnancy contact me at paula.performancefitness@gmail.Com

Friday, 5 October 2012

Happy Thanksgiving; enjoy but don't set yourself back

I always love thanksgiving, almost as much as Christmas. The time we spend with family, the laughter of cousins playing together and of course THE FOOD!
I try hard but lets be honest it is a holiday and there will be special treats, deserts and usually more alcohol that most week-ends. There are ways to still stay on track though, here are a few tips to keep in mind this thanksgiving:
1) aim for 2/3 of your dinner plate to be filled with protein & veggies
2) if you plan to have some wine, consider that your carbs for the meal
3) GET MOVING! Use the time off and go for a family hike, run or bike ride
4) be smart with you cooking/baking. Make foods that are low in fats & sugars but high in taste
5) take some time to reflect on what we are celebrating this week-end. We are truly blessed to be in this country and all the freedoms we take for granted. Let those around you know how much you appreciate them.

Have an amazing turkey week-end and drink LOTS of water!


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My 3yr olds food sensitivity results were stagaring

So let me give you some background on my daughter and why we had her tested. This little one is VERY emotional, she has massive highs and then massive low and its always based around food, we know we can "fix" it with giving her something to eat. BUT we weren't sure if what we were giving her were triggering her emotions or helping. Her personality almost borders on ADHD some days.
So let me tell you, this was an enlightening experience for us. Her triggers were ALL THINGS PROCESSED! Everything man-made triggers emotions for her. White sugar, nitrates and artificial sweeteners are her biggest triggers. What blows my mind is the symptoms for her are not physical, like a stomach ache or diarrhoea, they are things stemming from the brain! That is how messed up the food is that we trust and eat from our "tested and good" government standards.
I will now take this opportunity to rant a bit; what is in our foods now that our bodies will physically have brain/emotional reactions to it?! SICK! I don't want you to think that I'm saying you need to only eat organic everything and never eat out, etc...i eat out and get the occasional McNugget meal for my kids but we CANNOT make the majority of our meals fast food because our bodies cannot thrive on it, it is not real protein or real grains, it has been processed and genetically modified to suit the needs of the suppliers to make money and cut the bottom line! Ok that's my own personal thoughts out there now, I feel better.
I have now have my 5yr old and my 3yr old tested because of different signs we see in them and I'll tell you, just from changing what my 5yr old was eating there hasn't been a single complaint of a tummy ache. I will be adjusting what my 3yr old is eating now and hoping to be able to communicate with her better and help her manage her emotions because it gets to the point where she can even express what she's feeling! It's so hard for us all.
Please educate yourself on food and know the benefits of taking the time to make your meals as much as possible at home, the cost is much less and it definitely does taste better and the benefits to your body are HUGE!
Thanks for listening to me rant :)


We are GROWING! Are you the one we're looking for?

Performance Fitness is looking to add another amazing, energetic, motivated & experienced Fitness Professional to our team.
We specialise in one-on-one training and group bootcamps/circuit classes. We have grown to a point where we need to add more programs to keep up with the demands of our clientele, what a great problem to have!
Performance Fitness is a leading personal training studio in York Region that prides itself on getting our clients results. We train hard and have a BLAST doing it. Our clients know that they will come to us and sweat, work their butts off but leave with a smile on EVERY session.

The qualified applicant should have/be:

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Kinesiology/Rehab Training background (recommended)
  • Experience with functional training
  • Knowledge of TRX Suspension Trainer & RIP Trainer, ViPR Training
  • Experience with Small Group Training
  • Willing to learn 
  • Motivated and energetic
  • Experience
  • Willing to work early mornings and evenings

We look forward to adding some amazing new people to our team and to bring our clients more of what they love! Check out for details of who we are and what we do.

Send resumes to or call 905-715-2666

Can't wait to meet you!