Tuesday, 29 October 2013

What's your passion?

So often you hear of people hating their jobs, and it makes life so hard and stressful because we spend so much time at work! I believe that we have all been given special gifts and skills and if we follow our passions and what we LOVE to do, then those skills tend to be used...and you are VERY good at it!
I know its hard because sometimes your passion may be way off what you do for a living but financially you need the job, there may be an opportunity in your workplace to highlight your skills though and doing that would spark up your passion at your workplace.
For example; I have heard of people working for a big corporation at a "desk job" but they have a passion for running or fitness, so they have offered a running group or a zumba class during lunch hour or after work. So no matter where you are or what you do for a living, try and incorporate what you love and you will be SO much happier for it i PROMISE!

If you are one of the lucky ones that gets to do what they love then consider yourself blessed! I get to spend my time at work empowering clients, showing people what they are really capable of, helping clients surpass their goals and burning off the stresses of life and helping get people into a happy frame of mind. Its a very positive environment and full of people who have become friends, not just clients.

Find your passion and follow it!

Look what we have for you! Winter Program Registration NOW OPEN

Winter @ Performance Fitness
All sessions begin the week of Nov 4 and run through till Fri Dec 20, 2013

Ultimate Performance- Monday & Wednesday, 6:15-7:15am
9am  Performance Circuit- Monday thru Friday, 9-10am (choose 2-5days/wk)
Lunch Performance Circuit- Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 12-1pm (choose 2 or 3 days/wk)
York Region Bootcamp- Monday & Wednesday; 5-6pm
Evening Performance Circuit- Monday & Wednesday; 7-8pm
Men’s Muscle Performance- Tuesday & Thursday; 7-8pm
Endurance Athlete Strength Workout- Thursdays; 6-7pm
Extreme Performance- Saturday; 8-9am
Nordic Pole Walking Group- Fridays 10:30-11:30am
Performance Girlz (9-12yr old girls)- Saturdays; 12-1pm

Register for ALL programs by emailing paula.performancefitness@gmail.com

Specialty Events
Nov 90min Bootcamp- Saturday Nov 16 @ 8-9:30am
Dec 90min Bootcamp- Saturday Dec 7 @ 8-9:30
Holiday Shopping Event- Friday Nov 8 @ 7-9pm
Client Holiday Dinner @ Edward Street Bistro- Friday Nov 29 @ 7pm (spouses welcome)

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Turkey weekend! Gratitude is on the menu

Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate) & Happy Long Weekend to spend with your loved ones (if you don't celebrate). This is one of the most meaningful holidays to me, as far as pausing and really looking at my life, whether it's stressful, exhausting or perfect, and realising how blessed I truely am. 
I have the best family in the world with a husband any woman would die to have (but he's all mine ladies) and 4 of the cutest little ladies on this planet...and we are all healthy! I have a job that allows me to motivate and inspire others in a way that completely can change thier lives and others around them and because of my job I have met the most incredible people. I have a God who loves me and has provided when we thought it wasn't possible and protected when we didn't even know we needed It. 
Beyond those things, what more could I need? We get so wrapped up in "life" that we tend to lose sight sometimes, so take this weekend and be thankful, hug those who are the closest to you & say I love you. remember what you Do have, not what you WANT to have.