Tuesday, 16 February 2016


How many of you moms had every intention of working out while off on mat leave, having all this time to prep meals and workout with your baby? And how many actually have done that?!?! IT'S REALLY HARD! Babies don't sleep through the night, babies need fed ALL THE TIME, babies need held or get sick or your boobs are sore or you are healing from delivery...and so on.

First of all, THIS IS NORMAL! So don't worry about or feel bad that you haven't done what you intended to do because LIFE happens. Also, don't look at anyone else and compare yourself to them, you have no idea what they are struggling with or what their life is like. Your body created an incredible human being....HEEEELLLLLOOOOOO! That's WICKED! Be proud of that and let's work on creating a happy healthy you in the time that is reasonable for you to commit to,

I have recently revamped how I am doing my own workouts and how I train my clients to get optimal results in a shorter amount of time. EFFICIENCY is the key! And how do we do it??? TABATA Training.

Tabata Training is when you choose 1 exercise/movement and do it for 20sec then 10 sec rest and repeat that for 8 rounds (it totals 4mins), then you move on to a new exercise/movement. This doesn't sound like it would be that hard, but don't be fooled it's intense. The best thing is that people can wrap their minds around 20secs and knowing that after 4mins they never have to see that exercise again (that day) it makes it manageable. Tabata is so efficient because it burns a TON of calories in a very short period of time....THAT'S THE KEY.

25mins a day, 4 days per week...can you do that?! You need to ask yourself a question; How unhappy are you with where you are at and how badly do you want to change and feel back to the real YOU? If you are ready to make a change then you will MAKE time for these workouts.

Here is an example of a Tabata workout that can be done at home;
#1- wide squat with bicep curl and shoulder press (this one is great to start with because it warms up the whole body)
#2- Bentover Row
#3- Plank
#4- Plie Squat with Overhead Tricep Extension
#5- Push Up with Rotation (toes or knees)
Then stretch!!!

I combine tabata training with clean eating and many clients use the Transform30 to kickstart their routine for the first 30 days. I have a website, recipes, support and more during that program as well. Here is a link to the T30 healthy eating program if you're interested

If you'd like to really get yourself back on track, healthy lifestyle not just weight loss, fit not skinny and HAPPY IN YOUR BODY then email me and I'd love to connect via skype, zoom, Facebook, etc.

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