Monday, 2 July 2012

Check out these RESULTS!!

We work with the BEST clients ever at Performance Fitness. I challenge my clients and push thier limits daily in order to show them what they are capable of and to get them to thier goals as fast as possible. I love that you all trust us and give us 110% every time you walk into the studio.
We take our job and your trust in us VERY seriously and will get you the results you want! Here are some incredible results of clients from the last 7months and a few testimonials from some amazing clients as well.

In 7 months, C.B., has lost 16lbs and 31.5inches!!
In 4.5month, K.S., has lost 24lbs and 32inches!!
In 7months, L.R., has lost 14lbs and 30 1/4 inches!!

 "I started out with Paula when she first opened her studio as a private training client.  After years of working out, battling my weight and getting frustrated, I was finally starting to see results.  Paula's enthusiasm is infectious and she pushes you just hard enough to really challenge you but she has such a strong knowledge of exercise physiology that she is able to adjust to injuries and "tweaky" aches & pains.  As soon as Paula suggested a group bootcamp, I reluctantly joined as I am not a fan of exercise classes of any sort.  After my first group class, I was hooked.  We had a blast, supported each other and I've made some amazing friendships.  Now, after 8 months, I am down 26 lbs, I have gone from a size 10 to a 6 and have tons of energy, confidence and literally crave my workouts.  Paula just has an amazing ability to draw out the best in everyone - both mentally and physically.  I rarely recommend anything without hesitation ~ no hesitations here!" Cheryl

"When I started working with Paula for one on one training sessions after a number of years of heavy duty cardio and weight machines at the gym I warned her it was just for one month so that she could teach me how to use free weights properly. Well here I am eight months later seeing the true benefits of cross training using a combination of TRX, free weights and new tricks for the treadmill. I am actually doing less time on the treadmill but more intense intervals. Although I didn't have a weight issue people comment on my new curves and tone. I look forward to my twice weekly sessions with Paula. "

"Being a 53 year old female is not always the most fun in the world! Your weight goes up..It goes down (not too often!!!)...acne flare-ups...grey hair growing faster than the weeds in your garden... The list goes on!! Depressed yet?? When I met Paula, I had just finished doing a "bootcamp" with another trainer. During my year with him, I did not lose a pound. I was stronger of course, but my weight was not under control. I did not feel good about myself. I couldn't always do the workouts that he wanted me too. I got muscles where I didn't want muscles. Training with Paula has been an awesome and rewarding experience for me. Not only have I lost weight and more importantly, inches... I finally feel great about the program that I am taking.  She offers a wide variety of exercises that fit with anyone's needs. I particularly love training with the TRX system. It offers a million different exercises and sometimes Paula adds some of her " specialty" ones just for fun! We all love it!! I look forward to our weekly visits and find that I am always full of energy afterwards. I never want it to end!! I think Paula has been such a wonderful inspirational trainer for me. Her high energy bounces off of her and onto everyone who is in the room. I feel that I have now started a new chapter in my filled with a healthy body and mind, and I have you to thank for this." Taina

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