Friday, 13 July 2012

Food Sensitivity Testing on my 4yr old DONE!

What a cool experience! Abby did really well at being patient and holding still and Marlene is wonderful and patient with children for sure. She was telling me that she tests MANY children and its more and more common for parents to be doing food testing to figure out a child's stomach issues, irritability issues, and many more things.
So how it works is you hold a brass rod in your right hand which is attached to a special machine then Marlene touches the fingers on your left hand in certain spots and it makes funny noises! Abby thought they sounded like a fire truck so that was fun. She felt nothing at all but did get bored. She watched a movie for a bit then I read some books to her so that helped. I would bring books to read or movies cause it can be long, we took a few breaks. I had to bribe Abby with sushi dinner to finish the last little bit. I would recommend if you are taking a child to do it earlier on in the day, Abby was very tired which was probably the hardest part for her.
So as far as her results, whatever she has a sensitivity to she REALLY has a sensitivity too. She didn't have many mild sensitivities, she was quite intolerant to a few things. Her list goes as follows;
Strong Sensitivities:
eating these foods in any quantity will end up in inflammation in the intestines and a sore stomach
1) Cow's Milk
2) Cow's Cheese
3) Food Additives , chemicals & dyes
4) Grains- barley, white and whole wheat
5) Chocolate
6) Eggplant
7)Ketchup- which apparently 90% of people she tests have!!
9)Sodium Nitrate
10)Sodium Nitrite

Mild Sensitivities:
having these things a couple times/wk wont bother her, more frequently will upset her stomach
5)White Potato
6)White sugar
11)Chili Powder
12)Green Pepper

So needless to say, I wasn't surprised by the wheat because that was something we had figured out through process of elimination but i was VERY surprised by the Cow's Milk and Cheese. The interesting thing is though that cow's yogurt it totally fine for her! Which is good cause she loves her yogurt!
Marlene was a wonderful lady and very knowledgeable and great with Abby. She has been practising for over 20yrs and I would recommend people go see her if you have any indication that you or your children have food "issues", this can include allergies as well. Many foods can trigger other reactions in your body than stomach aches, I have heard of allergies and asthma for example that have been attributed to food allergies or intolerance's.

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