Saturday, 20 April 2013

"Laugh Till You Cry" moments

I was listening to a radio program this week that was talking about family and specifically your children and what means the most to them. As far as what they remember from their childhood and what builds their character; time spent together as a family and laughing! Specifically seeing their parents laugh, and I don't mean just a little smile and giggle but a BIG DEEP "laugh till you cry" type of laugh.
I didn't realise it until I heard him say that but its SO true! Last week-end my husband made me laugh really hard and my girls had no idea what it was about but they automatically started to laugh and it put us all in a good mood. I know we have all heard it before that laughter is good for the soul but seriously, have you tried it?! I want you to be aware and try to have fun with your kids and have at least one of those "Laugh till you cry" moments every week.
Don't be too busy, up tight, structured or out of touch to have those moments. That is my personal goal as well. I am a super busy mama of 4 girls ranging from 7wks old-5.5yrs old and I own a growing business...there are MANY times that I am just too tired or too busy to stop and laugh with my kids...NOT ANYMORE. I am setting my goal to try and have those moments because it changes us all and lets guards down and ties us closer together.

Laugh out loud this week-end!

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