Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The 80/20 rule- how important is your diet?

I had a client asked me during her 1st session how important I think diet/food is in the grand scheme of losing weight and getting healthy, I told her its WAY harder than the exercise part of things and will require more focus than just the workouts. Afterwards she told me that that question was my test; do i understand how much food effects the results of what we do in the gym.

I have also had clients try and tell me that they want to lose weight but are just hoping to do it through exercise and they really don't want to change their diet. This isn't possible! If you want to see the fruits of your labour in the gym, you need to get your act together outside of the gym too!

Here are the biggest "food tips" I give to clients in order to see results and get into a healthy lifestyle;
1) drink LOTS of water- at least 8-10 glasses a day
2) cut down or out wheat- wheat is so modified these days that our bodies don't know how to process it properly and that why we get so bloated, gasses and it puts on weight around our belly. Also, there is a LOT of sugar in wheat which is hidden and most people don't know that.
3) cut sugar down or out completely- processed sugars have SO many adverse effect on our bodies; it increase insulin levels, changes hormone levels, throws off sleep patterns, and MORE!
4) eat REAL food! By this I meal foods that come from natural sources like grown in the ground, on plants, from animals, etc.

So when I say the 80/20 rule, what I mean is you need to be on track with your exercises and diet 80% of the time and you can slip a bit 20% of the time. You will be successful if you follow the 80/20 rules and you will be able to go on vacation or go out for dinner once in a while without going off on a bender for a few days. It will be fun but then you will get on track the next meal.

So remember, stay on the Lots of Water, minimal wheat, no sugar & REAL food waggon 80% of the time and you will see success with your weight loss, toning, tightened and overall health goals!


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