Monday, 3 September 2012

Every little bit counts

I get asked every week, "How much exercise do I need to do on my own to get me the results I want?" and I have to tell people that every little bit goes towards the end goal. Yes ideally we do 60mins of activity with our heart rates elevated and blood pumping each week MINIMUM...BUT if you don't have an hour to commit 3-4times a week then split it up! If you did 30mins morning and 30mins at night then there is 60mins or if you did 30mins 6x per week that would be great too.
I have a lot of clients who come see me 2-3 times per week and are looking for a little more calorie burn or core strength or leg tone and adding in 20mins another 2 days/wk is not unrealistic at all. Doing some planking, squats, lunges, Push-Ups or if you have equipment at home your options are much larger, BUT if you do 1 set of maximum (which means till you can do no more properly) of about 6 exercises, you will get a great sweat on, burn lots of calories and definitely gain strength and tone!
So don't think just because you don't have an hour to workout that you should skip it and try again tomorrow, take that time and make it the best 15, 20, 30mins of your day! You will fell amazing and be so happy you did!

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