Monday, 10 September 2012

How badly do you want it?

We all have goals for ourselves whether they are at work, with our family, our kids, health, spirituality...or much more. Unfortunately there are also SO many of us that want those things for ourselves but we are not ready to take the steps or make the sacrifices to get there, so our goals are put to the side and many times we live a mediocre life wishing for those dreams/goals but settling for less.
I deal with clients fitness goals all day, everyday! Most of the time I will hear one of these three things; 1)lose weight, 2)tone up, 3) lose body fat/increase muscle mass. All these goals are 100% attainable BUT and this is a huge BUT, it all depends on what the clients are willing to do to get to those goals.
Many times we are just afraid of failure that we just don't even try or give our dreams the time and passion they deserve! For those clients who have given me everything I have asked of them to get them to their goals, I have to coach some through dealing with their success. I know that may seem strange because we should all be so happy when we reach where we want to know what tends to happen though, THEY SURPASS THEIR GOALS and it can be a scary thing be exciting too! You can be that person you dream of, you can be in the shape you want to be in, YOU CAN!!!
You need to put worth into yourself though and be willing to deal with haters, deal with other things that will get in your way and temp you to fall off the wagon, and deal with your mind trying to talk you out of it when you get tired. How important are you? How important is your life? How much of an influence do you have on your family and friends? How much could you encourage others to step up and feel worth and confidence and be proud of what they have accomplished? When its put that way, how selfish does it feel to not see what your potential is. You have been given a choice...what will you choose for your life?
You CAN be, look like, feel like and inspire others like you are dreaming of.
Dream it, write it down and get it!

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