Sunday, 22 April 2012

Your Hips don't Lie!!

I did a workout today and realised how imbalanced I was. I thought I was strong, relatively even with regards to my muscles, left side compared to right...well was I ever wrong! I had decided I was going to focus a lot more on single leg/arm work to isolate and even things out, what I didn't expect was how weak I was in certain areas. Single leg squat with a single arm press is a new favourite exercise of mine, it takes A LOT of focus but you feel those hip/bum muscles instantly! It tends to be mainly back and hips that create MAJOR issues if they are not balanced; but the cool thing is, it doesn't take a lot of time to feel the difference and then see he difference. Another great side effect to uni-lateral training is the Core workout you get along with a huge increase in balance.
So if you train with me regularly, be ready...its ON!! You will be challenged & have muscles isolated and "talking to you" that you haven't hard from in while...or EVER! The good new is though, whatever I make you do...I make myself do first :)

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