Tuesday, 3 June 2014

30 Day Canadian Transformation....A Tough First Week

Well I have embarked on a 30 day journey to eat cleaner, try to find a balance between plant and animal based protein and get rid of as much sugar, processed foods and wheat as possible. My reasons for doing this challenge are a little different than most; i have a few pounds to lose but not much, I feel i'm at a healthy weight for my body. The reason I wanted to do this challenge was to go through what many of my clients experience on a daily basis; the internal fight with yourself to NOT grab that fast food when you are rushed or give in to the voice in your head that says "you've had a hard day or good workout, so you deserve this". That struggle is HUGE and all day everyday.
I have run marathons and delivered babies with no drugs so you'd think i can handle a little internal battle and WIN...right?!? This challenge is WAY harder than I expected and I am SO happy i am doing this because it gives me SO much more perspective into what my clients go through and for my own nutritional coaching each day.

Here are the key things i realized NEED to happen in order to be successful in a challenge like this;
#1- HAVE A BUDDY- Do not go it alone. You need someone you can call/text when you are about to break down and cheat that can talk you down off that ledge and visa versa.
#2- BE ORGANIZED- make sure your fridge is stocked with everything you will need for healthy snacks and options so when you have a craving or an urge, there is an option for you that still fit within the plan.

Results After Week 1:
-4lbs down
- not hungry till friday, had 2 clean meals and 1 shake instead of 2 shakes and 1 meal
- cheated Sat night with the family and had 2 slices pizza
- real mental struggle internally to just give in when I had a craving

Stay tuned for next weeks post about Week 2.
If you are interested in learning more about the challenge email me a paula.performancefitness@gmail.com


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