Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Physio Therapy and Personal Training working together to get patients "back to normal life" FAST

At Performance Fitness, we have an incredible opportunity to work with the amazing team of Physio Therapists at LifeSpring Physio Therapy to help patients get back to everyday life faster. We work together to fully assess the patients needs then develop a program that is safe and effective for each patients injuries, limitations and specific needs.
This is an innovative and cutting edge approach to health and rehab that is not available in many clinics. With Performance Fitness Studio located right inside LifeSpring Physio Therapy, we are all in contact each day and are able to confer when needed for the good of our patients/clients.
We are also able to offer our patients an incredible benefit of having their personal training covered under insurance because of the constant supervision and involvement of their physio therapist.
If you are looking for a top of the line Physio Therapy clinic that has an unparallelled reputation along with a Personal Training studio known for results and experience then look no further.
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