Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Why training with a friend or group gets FAST results

We all have a hard time being consistent with our workout routines at one time or another and that will hinder your results BIG TIME! You need to be consistent in order to get the results you want and then to keep them. Fitness is not a short term goal, it is a lifestyle change that will give you more energy, less injuries, more positive outlook on life AND give you the shape you want.
So how do you ensure you stay consistent and get those results you are looking for? Find a friend that will work out with you and hold you accountable and you can do the same for them, not someone who can talk you out of a workout when you are tired..Hahahahaha. OR join a bootcamp or group class that really has other participants who have similar goals and help keep you motivated.
When I opened my studio in Feb 2011 I had no idea what it would "turn into", I had done mostly one-on-one training or partner training over my 12 yrs of personal training then teaching classes. Since Sept of 2011 we have expanded and added bootcamps and small group TRX and ViPR classes. We now have 16 group classes/week!
The amazing thing we now see with our groups is the accountability they keep with each other and the motivation as they develop friendships. The results have been incredible! With the guidance and program design of a personal trainer combined with the challenge of friends around you pushing you to do more than you think you are capable of...the results are fast and BIG!!
So join up with a friend and do something together or join a group and make some new friends, you will be so happy you did and your body will show its thanks!
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