Thursday, 1 November 2012

Stay on track...even with the Halloween candy in the house

Now the internal struggle begins...every time you walk past the bowl of candy the internal fight will happen with what your sweet tooth wants and what your mind knows you should do. Just remember how hard you have worked to get to where you are now and to get those pounds off and unfortunately how fast that can go back on. Also remember when you eat sugars what they do to your insides. Your insulin levels go up to create a fake energy boost then they give you a huge crash and it also effects your moods. Grumpy, hard to have the willpower to stay away from more sugar or to eat properly in general.
I'm not saying a tiny bit, maybe 1-2 small pieces, are going to sabotage your weight loss efforts but it will slow them down. so if you have those 2 pieces, get moving and burn it off!
You can stay on track and you will be proud of yourself. I suggest you hide the candy so its out of mind, out of sight!

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