Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Weening off coffee

Ok so as most of you know, I am pregnant with my 4th child. I always try to completely cut out coffee when pregnant but am not usually 100% successful. This time around I have been trying Bambu which is a non-caffeinated coffee substitute and i like it! You can buy it in "instant coffee" form or you can brew it through your coffee maker like regular coffee! It obviously doesn't taste 100% like coffee but it totally does the trick! I have a few clients who drink it as well and they agree.
Caffeine has so many negative attributes and one of those being hinders weight loss, on top of what it does to hormones, sleep patterns, etc.
This website did a taste test of coffee substitute in an office environment and found Bambu to be the best tasting and most realistic

So if you are trying to lose weight or cut down on your caffeine intake try this great alternative. I bought mine at Nature's Emporium for a very reasonable price!


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