Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Running is not enough...

I am meeting more and more runners who are finding out (the hard way) that you can't just run! You need to incorporate strength training into your weekly regime or injuries WILL happen. They may not happen immediately but eventually after the repetitive motion of running, weakness begin to appear, imbalances create injuries and constant impact without supporting your joints will take its tole.
If you are training for a race I understand you are running 3-4x week so i am not suggesting you need to add in hours and hours of strength BUT if you have 4-5 strength exercises and 2-3 core exercises that you can incorporate after your runs of on an "off" day it won't take much extra time but the benefits to your strength while running and less injuries will be AMAZING.
If you are interested in learning some running specific strength exercises and the most effective core work contact me at paula.performancefitness@gmail.com or come join our Strength for Runners Group session Thursday evenings at 6pm.

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