Friday, 28 June 2013

Lets make a commitment together

Ok friends, I need your help... Well I think there is more of you than just me struggling with this dilemma. I have gotten back into the (bad) habit of snacking late at night. Once our bodies are into that habit it take about 2-3 wks to break it again because we will "feel" hungry BUT it's not a NEED, it's a habit. 
I know and coach all my clients to set a goal then tell people about it so this is me telling you to ask me when you are me how I'm doing with my goal of NO EATING AFTER 8:30pm. 
I would love to have others join me if you feel you need to.
The issue with late night eating is that it doesn't allow your body to "shut down" properly so it can regenerate and allow you to go into R.E.M. Sleep. Also, your body is not burning off those calories but then storing it. 
We can break this habit people! Lets do t together. 

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