Sunday, 19 August 2012

Join the ViPR Revolution!

I have told many of you about this new innovative piece of equipment that I have now taken the certification for and will be launching at Performance Fitness in a few short weeks. I spent 8hrs last Thursday and another about 5 hrs over the past 3 days learning and loving this tool even more. I was absolutely crippled from the workouts Thursday because I spent about 4.5hrs using it! So don't worry, I wont be launching the 4hr class till next year! ha ha ha
The incredible thing about the ViPR is that is combines functional movement training and strength, so you can use heavier or lighter ViPR's depending on your goals but the muscles it hits, the cardio workout and the core you get from this tool is UNPRECEDENTED!
Are you ready to be a part of the revolution and transform your body? Performance Fitness is one of the only training studios or gym's in York Region to offer this program.
Join us on Sat Sept 8th for a FREE Demo. Choose 9am or 10am, we can only take 10ppl per session so register early.

I can not WAIT to show you what we can do with the ViPR and how amazing you will feel with this workout.

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