Thursday, 23 August 2012

Apples not apple sauce

I'm sure some of you are wondering what the heck I'm talking about; "Apples not Apple Sauce"...well I'm talking about your butt! When you are in any exercise, especially a plank position you MUST have Apples to support your lower back. If you contract your glutes so they look like 2 apples and then tighten your core, the plank will become a while new exercise for you.
I have used this technique since I came home from the Can Fit Pro conference this past week-end and it has transformed core work for most of my clients. Many clients have weak core muscles so plank cannot be held on their toes for long or they cant even hold the pelvic tilt. I now am coaching clients to do a plank with "Apples" tight as well as 10sec on with a full body contraction (core, bum, legs, arms, etc) then 5sec off and repeat this for 4-8times depending on the strength of the client.
We are having NO lower back complaints...we are having "my abs are SO sore" complaints! Which i am totally OK with.
So try out this new technique when doing your plank and feel the difference!
Apples people!!

Happy Planking

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