Friday, 31 August 2012

Natural Electrolyte drink & How to help digestion naturally

I had the privilege to attend a lecture with the famous Ms. Tosca Reno, the author of the Eat Clean Diet and all the books/cookbooks related. She is beautiful, over 50, energetic, realistic, knows what she wants and very confident. One the most enjoyable things and empowering things i got out of the lecture what being confident in who you are and in who you want to be and go after it. Don't let others comments, looks or advice steer you away from your goals; stay focused and you will get there.
There wasn't a ton of new information for me as far as what "Eating Clean" meant but I did pick up a few tidbit that i thought would be great to pass along to all of you.

Natural Electrolyte Drink- Coconut Water!!
Coconut water is one of the best sources of potassium for your body which is what we lose a lot of when sweating and exercising. So if you are doing a workout and want to get the most out of it and keep your energy at its peak then take this as your workout drink. If you are doing long bouts of high intensity exercise you will most likely need more replacement than just a Coconut water, look for an electrolyte replacement drink at your health food store like Endurolyte for example. Do NOT use Gatorade or Powerade, they are full of artificial flavouring and sugars that will give you a high then a big crash at the end.
There are many different brands of Coconut water and they are not all equal nor do they all taste the same. I have tried some that I don't like at all then I've found others that I do. So don't give up if the 1st one you try isn't to your liking.

Stop Indigestion- with Apple Cider Vinegar!!
If you suffer from Acid Reflux or regular indigestion, try taking a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar 20mins before a meal. The vinegar will help balance out your pH levels and acidity in your stomach so that it can process your foods properly. Also, do not drink during a meal, drink water 20-30mins before and meal and then after you have eaten. The water will dilute your stomach acids which then also makes it very hard for your food to be broken down properly and absorbed properly into your body.
With the Apple Cider Vinegar, do this routine of a shot before each meal for about 2 weeks then give it a rest and see how you feel, the goal is to teach your body where its pH levels are supposed to be and eventually it will get there on its own. If you take a break for a few weeks and the acid reflux begins again, start up another 2 week cycle.

Pass along these tips my friend to anyone you feel might need this. Its nice to have options that are good for your body and from Natural sources to help enhance our system, not throw in something man-made a foreign.



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