Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Getting back to the basics

While at my annual fitness conference this year I attended a few sessions on the TRX Suspension trainer and the TRX RIP trainer which we have had in our studio for over a year now. The biggest and most effective tool I got out of the session is to get back to the basics of the movement. Couching clients to set up in the right position BEFORE the movement even starts. I started using these techniques immediately on Monday and man did it take our workouts to a whole new level. I have received 3 e-mail today (within 24hrs of workouts) letting me know how "effective" those same exercises were! We have been doing them for quite a while but when we focused on the basic body position and I can coach and help client visualise where they should be contracting, tightening....the exercise takes on a whole new life.
This is the exact reason why education, follow-up, meeting with peers and being open to learning from others is so important. I learn and my clients benefit so much!
This is just one of the tidbits of amazing info I gain over the 4 day conference in Toronto. Join us at Performance Fitness to "feel" the difference!

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