Sunday, 19 August 2012

Where will you be this time next year?

I always have believed in setting goals and having a positive attitude and how that can shape you and guide you. Lately I have become even more aware of how our beliefs, attitudes and behaviours also effect those around us, not just ourselves.
I have people come to work with me all the time who are so unhappy with where they are personally, physically and spiritually. Their main reason for coming to me is the physical but we need to look at the whole picture in order to make someone truly happy.
If there are personal goals that you have had for yourself that you have just pushed to the side because of any excuse at all, re-think and reassess why. Why can't you do that? What is stopping you from doing that thing that you have dreamt of doing? Set personal goals for yourself and surround yourself with people who will support those goals and help you on your journey. You need to make a decision from day one to stick to that path, that goal no matter what! No matter what temptation gets in your way, no matter what someone says to you, no matter if you have a "set back", you will keep on keeping on to reach that goal.
Your goal could be to be in the best shape of your life by this time next year; you will be stronger, leaner, more focused, priorities in line and happy with all aspects of life. If that is your goals, LOVE IT! But you need to be ready for temptations, especially with weight loss goals. Our world is full of fake food! Its everywhere and you don't need to move a muscle to get it...just call it in or drive through, you need to be ready to stick to what you know is the right way to eat clean because you will feel incredible if you do. You won't have the disappointment in yourself, the physically feeling awful cause of the food you ate, the week or 2 it takes to get the weight back off so you are back on track and the loss of energy and motivation.
So set your goals and commit to yourself and tell EVERYONE around you because they will help hold you accountable as well. YOU CAN DO THIS!
I believe with everything in me that we have so much more inside of us to share with the world and so much unleashed potential. Dig Deep, Reach High and be the person you were meant to be. The energised person who loves life, is vibrant and who others want to be around.
You all have something amazing to offer to the world and I want to be there when you unleash it! I learn so much for my clients everyday and its a privileged to be in the position i am and work with as many clients as I do. I hope that i can motivate you to be the person you want and to accomplish some amazing things!

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