Friday, 25 May 2012

Proper Plank Technique

I have had MANY clients over my 12+ yrs of training tell me they can't plank because it hurts their back too much or they can't push-up because of their lower back giving out before their arms do. The first thing i usually do is ask them to show me how they do the exercise and we'll assess technique. Approx 85% of the time the main issue is technique! They can plank or push-up BUT they have NO PELVIC TILT!
The Pelvic tilt is the #1 piece of the puzzle in order to perform most exercises properly and effectively. To perform a pelvic tilt you roll your hip bones up towards your ribs and tuck your tailbone under and HOLD! The hardest part for most people is to then hold it, it requires strength in the lower abs and the deep muscles in the pelvic floor. It is a practised movement so you may not get it 100% on your first few tries but don't give up. This movement is the key to being able to tighten that lower abdomen and flatten out under your belly button. It is also the key to releasing A LOT of lower back pain. Many times back pain is due to week core muscles, so by planking and doing it properly, you can reduce and even completely eliminate lower back pain. I had a client tell me last night that after seeing his chiropractor for 5 yrs because of constant back pain and he was told that things are out of alignment because of his job and some injuries he's had so its going to be like this for life; his back is like it belongs to a totally different person now! She told him she cannot believe the difference in just 6 weeks of regular working out and specifically core work (planks)! I was ecstatic! That is why i love my job people!
So happy planking and if you have any questions...ask away!! This is what I love and what I do so I'm hear to spread the wealth!

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