Sunday, 7 October 2012

How to prevent Diastasis during pregnancy

First of all, what is a Diastasis you ask? It is a separation in the abdominal wall that happens as a woman belly gets larger during pregnancy. It separates the abdomen into left and right along the linea alba. Some women don't ever experience a Diastasis and some women never recover from them!
There are some simple ways to work your core muscles to try and prevent this from happening and there are some things you should avoid to ensure this doesn't happen.

1) plank plank plank- this exercise is incredible for strengthening your core as a whole, not just one part of it. It holds everything tight from your spine rot around to your abdomen. It also doesn't cause any added pressure from the inside out during pregnancy and can be modified to suit any stage of pregnancy. Plank can also be done in conjunction with your keagels to ensure a solid core & pelvic floor for during and after delivery.
2) DO NOT CRUNCH! Crunches put added pressure on the adbdinal muscles and push from the inside as the baby can only move forward as you decrease the space while crunching. This pressure can cause the muscles to push apart. Once the separation starts you don't want to do anything to enhance it so all the core work should be holding your body in a straight position and contracting your core to hold on toes or knees.

Front planks and side planks are some of the most challenging and effective abdominal exercises. So the great news is that you can continue these exercises through your pregnancy! Stay strong and active throughout your pregnancy and you will have an easier recovery after labour, possibly easier labour and to get your body back to pre-baby condition is MUCH easier.

I am a mama of 3 young girls and pregnant with my 4th and I have been active through all my pregnancies, in many different ways. Having done this, I have been able to "bounce back" relatively quickly and I completely attribute my attitude, focus, patience (some days) with my kids and being able to balance family and being self-employed to my faith and my fitness.
So keep active whatever way you love and if you need more tips, ideas or modifications for pregnancy contact me at paula.performancefitness@gmail.Com

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