Friday, 26 October 2012

Food Diaries- why they work so well

I get asked A LOT every day, how do I loose weight cause I've tried EVERYTHING?! and usually my first suggestion is a food diary or an online app such as When you record what you are eating, you are forced to confront what you have put in your mouth or what you are about to. You have to "admit to the world" that you ate it and for that sole fact it makes you think twice before you put it in your mouth.
Also, many times we aren't even aware of how much we eat, its like we have selective memory when it comes to food, we are so proud of all the good stuff then somehow forget about the chips, popcorn, fries, pop, candies we grabbed on the run.
The bottom line is you need to be accountable and accept your role in your weight journey, your body didn't magically get to where it is now and there isn't a magic way to get it off. You CAN get to where you want to be 100% BUT its all about how much you want to get there. Commit to take care of your body and the difference in your mind and sole will be incredible.
Use a food diary to keep on track and make sure you are eating a balanced diet high in protein, fruits and veggies and low in wheat, sugars and processed foods.
If you need the accountability then I am absolutely willing to check-up on you or find a holistic nutritionist in your area and they are an amazing resource.

You can!

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