Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Get the most out of EVERY workout

Most people have some sort of fitness and health goal but not everyone has a gym membership or cannot afford one. I'm here to tell you that no matter if you can get to a gym or not, you can change your body with VERY minimal equipment! Its all about consistency and challenging your body.
So as far what it looks like in your life here goes;
  • Commit 45mins 4x week to YOU! Work with your partner/spouse and have them on your side, if they are not and you know this is a priority for you than maybe talk to other friends/family members who can help if you have children who need to be taken care of to give you time to workout
  • Have a minimal repertoire of equipment at home; stability ball ($25) and tubing (medium tension- $20)
  • Make an awesome play list to rock to and that will keep your "head in the game" when you're really working hard
  • Get rid of the high sugar and processed foods/drinks from the house. Shop smart and be organised so you don't fall into the "I am too busy" to eat properly
  • Get yourself a big water bottle and drink constantly! Your body requires and thrives off water so nourish it and it will reward you with some great results and energy.
So now that you have committed to these principles, you are ready to make some big changes! You will feel better mentally and have more energy as well as start to see those inches drop and weight go down. 
The main principles to follow when designing a home workout are; functional exercises (more than one muscle group working in each exercise), start with big muscle groups and work down to smaller, CORE CORE CORE, keep your heart rate up for as long as possible (no big breaks between exercises).

Check back soon for some sample home workouts using your body weight, stability ball & tubing.

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