Sunday, 21 October 2012

Burn mad calories... Without the gym!

So we're going to start with the cardio for the 1st segment of the "you don't need a gym membership to transform your body".
If you have a treadmill or elliptical or bike at home you can follow these same principals just like you would using stairs, a park bench (step ups) or sprinting/speed walking from lamppost to lamp post. Choose your activity then follow these simple guidelines to get a time efficient and big calorie burning workout at home;

1) 5min warm-up- whatever activity you choose start at a comfortable pace then every min get a little faster or higher incline to bring your heart rate up so the breathing is heavier by the time 5mins rolls around
2) increase your speed, incline or intensity to as much as you can for 60sec, breathing should be heavy, (not able to carry on a conversation), and it should feel uncomfortable cause you worked hard. The pace you go at is completely different for each person so work at your "high" for the 60sec
3) rest for 1-2mins, until you have cause your breath enough to go again. The absolute max you should rest is 2mins though
REPEAT THE 60sec high and 1-2min low 5-7 TIMES. If you are used to cardio add a few more but for those of you starting fresh or after a long break do this interval repeat 2-3 times for a week before you add another interval.
4) cool down- Brian intensity slowly down to a "everyday" pace for 3-5mins and ensure your breathing and heart rate are at a comfortable spot before you stop to stretch
5) stretch- stretch quads (front of thigh), hamstrings (back of thigh), calves (lower leg) & hip (sit and put one ankle across opposite knee then tilt forward till you feel it stretch in hip/bum of the leg that's up)

Commit to yourself how many times you are going to do this each week for the next 3 wks and then go from there. This interval program will only take 20-30mins, it's very manageable so JUST DO IT! Your body will thank you!

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