Thursday, 25 October 2012

At home workout #1

Alrighty, so here is at home workout #1 using only stability ball and tubing. This workout will give you a full body burn and be a great addition to any bootcamp/circuit class or cardio you are also doing. Or if you are not doing anything else then this workout should be done 2-3 times a week along with cardio.

20x step ups onto the 1st step, 20x jumping jacks (can be modified to a step out, alternating legs if you cant jump), 15x squats, 20 dynamic lunges (stepping forward and back alternating legs), plank for 45sec with abs, bum and legs tight

  1. Squat and Row with tubing anchored in front of you on a stable pole, banister, treadmill, etc (15-20x)
  2. Torso rotations with tubing (20x per side)
  3. Ball Squats against a wall- ball at lower back and upper part of bum and feet out from the wall so you are leaning on the ball. bend the knees till 90degrees keeping your body straight then stand back up again. If these are easy you can go down to 90degrees then hold in a wall sit for 45-75sec or hold weights if you have them
  4. Chest press and Lunge with the tubing anchored behind you; keep core tight through whole movement
  5. Ball Crunches- max with keeping hips up in pelvic tilt
  6. Ball Hamstring Curls- lying on your back on floor with heels and lower calves on the ball. Life hips so only your upper back is on the floor and bend you knees pulling the ball into your bum and back out again- 10-20x
  7. Plank- 10sec up, 5 sec down, repeat this 5-10x depending on your core strength. Your whole body should be in a contraction when you are holding up for those 10sec and BREATHE!
  8. Mountain Climbers- 30-40x
Chest press -starting position
Chest press- finishing position

squat with tubing anchored in front
row at the top of the squat

Mountain Climbers- alternating pulling knees in
Plank- body in straight line and bum tight with pelvic tilt

Repeat this whole circuit 2-3x depending on your time and how much your body can handle. If you are a beginner start with once for the first couple workouts then add the 2nd set. The goal is to move through the circuit quite quickly to keep your heart rate up and burn the most calories and fat possible.

ALWAYS STRETCH once you are totally finished as well or you will regret it the next day because you will be stiff.

If you need any modifications for injuries or joint issues just let me know and that's easy!

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