Sunday, 13 January 2013

At home 20min "Sweat Session" for this week

If you didn't do the 15min Body Blast last week, add that to your "to-do's" for this week and here is this weeks "20min Sweat Session" quick blast workout for you to do at home. You don't need a gym or even a weight to challenge your body, burn calories and get a GREAT sweat on!


30 squats
30 mountain climbers
30 dynamic lunges (alternate legs)

20 tricep dips
20 bicycle abs
20 squat jumps
20 lateral squats (stepping out to side and side down then back to center and do opp side, repeat)

Plank on hands- 60 sec
Side plank- 30-45sec/side
20 Leg raises (keep pelvic tilt so low back stays down)

Repeat full circuit 2-4x

Let me know how it feels!!!

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