Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Dairy- Removed it and cleared up my daughters constant runny nose!

One of my daughters has had a consistent runny nose pretty much since the day she was born, most of the time its clear. We have noticed over the last 6-8weeks she is also having trouble hearing us and started to get concerned with hearing loss. I was at my MD for a different child but asked if she could look in her ears just to see if there was anything there....low and behold, she has a HUGE amount of fluid in her ears! To the point that my MD commented "I don't know how she is even hearing you speak to her normally"!
I was then given a prescription for a sulphate to help drainage but told it probably won't help! So I'm not pumping antibiotics into my 3yr old when "it won't help anyways". Then I was also told, she will need tubes...which is where my non-dairy journey begins.
I immediately contacted a friend, holistic nutritionist and advocate for children's natural medicine and was told the first thing we need to do is get rid of ALL DAIRY! i knew Dairy creates mucous but not really to the extent of creating a build up in my child so she has runny nose all the time and possible hearing loss cause it cannot drain properly.
Payton is a dairy monster, she loves milk, cheese and yogurt. She would eat them all day if we let her. So after speaking to the doctor and then asking her some questions, we are now all on the same page and she tells us if she can't hear us instead of just assuming she has normal hearing and being frustrated but not saying anything. We have changed ALL our dairy at home to almond, soy or coconut products...for the whole family.
We now have taken ALL Dairy out of Payton's diet (and the rest of our family) and she has NO RUNNY NOSE! Seriously, gone completely! My husband and I were having a discussion about it last night and hadn't actually noticed till we started asking each other if we had to tell her to blow her nose recently like we usually have to do...about 15x a day! So it must be better for us all don't you think?!
So we are on our way, we are also having her see a chiropractor and are excited about the information we are learning and the possibility of not needing tubes for her. I know it is a routine surgery and "its not a big deal" according to doctors and friends who's kids have had them BUT if there is something in her diet that is creating excess fluid, even if she gets tubes, we are still putting more and more mucous in her body.
So I would just encourage everyone to pay attention to mucous build up, runny noses when not "sick" and do your research. Use resources such as nutritionists, naturopaths, osteopaths, etc and learn how all these "alternative medical professional" look at your whole body, diet and lifestyle to find the reason you are having these issues, instead of just treating the symptoms.

Stay tuned for the findings and plan from the chiropractor and how its effecting Payton's hearing and communication.

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