Friday, 18 January 2013

What is more important; Exercises or Eating well?

I get asked this question ALL THE TIME and its like clients are testing me. There is no science to it honestly and I am not a nutritionist BUT I 100% understand that in order to maximise results you have to combine both exercise and eating properly to see long term and lasting results.

The exercise programs we design at Performance Fitness are always results oriented, we combine;
 *strength exercises to increase muscle mass which will speed up metabolism and allow you to burn more calories even as you sleep and to keep your body burning calories at an elevated rate for up to 4hrs after our workouts finish!
*core to increase whole body support, tighten the waist line and support the lower back
*cardio to burn maximum calories during the workouts

All these components combined have allowed our clients to some pretty amazing results. We have now launched an awesome program in collaboration with Holistic Nutritionist Debbie Allen to combine our expertise in fitness and Debbie's in Nutrition. Our clients have lost an avg of 2.5lbs/wk in the first 2 weeks of their program.
These results have really solidified to me how important BOTH Exercise and Nutrition are in the whole game of weight loss but not only that, in a long term lifestyle change to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF.

You must put both components together to see the results you are looking for and to keep it off. Learn how your body uses food and how the right and wrong foods can effect your weight loss. Also learn how to exercise efficiently to maximise your time working out and to train using full body exercises that will transform and drop inches fast.

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