Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Can you eat TOO LITTLE and gain weight?

It is Jan and we all think about some new goals for this fresh new year, many people have some sort of weight loss goal. It can be 5lbs or 80lbs, but either way we all need to have the right nutrition along with adequate exercise in order to see those results happen.
Cutting down calories is not the only aspect of nutrition you need to look at but today that is what we are going to discuss. I have had some clients who do TOO MUCH activity for the amount they are eating so their body thinks its going into starvation mode and tries to conserve itself. So it won't release calories to be burned off, instead it stores them in case it doesn't get fed enough through the day. When the calories get stored guess what happens to your weight...it definitely doesn't drop and can even go UP!
You always need to be aware of where you are getting your foods from; good sources or fats, lean proteins and good grains as well as fruits and veg. If you are getting your calories from processed foods and refined sugars your body will not lose weight at all.
So make sure you eat enough for your activity and you will ensure the weight loss happens/continues. I highly recommend working with a Holistic Nutritionist to get an individualised plan to at least start you on your journey, you will learn so much about the relationship between your body and food and know what you need to do to get your body to respond.

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