Thursday, 26 September 2013

Do you take in less water when its cold out?

In the summer and warm weather, most of us don't have too much trouble drinking a nice big glass of water many times a day. So getting our recommended 2-3L of water isn't such a core BUT when the weather gets cool out, drinking cold water becomes not-so-enjoyable anymore because it can make us even colder.
Here are some ideas to make your water taste better, warmer and easier to drink;

  • add fruit/veg/spices to your water bottle in the morning so the flavours diffuse into the water; raspberries, blueberries, lemon, lime, cucumber, cinnamon sticks, min leaves, what ever your favourites are
  • drink warm water with lemon slices
  • herbal teas are another option to make "getting your water in" more enjoyable

So those are just a few ways to help you keep getting that MUCH NEEDED water in through out the fall and winter months. Combine a little of each idea for the best results and you won't feel board drinking straight old boring water all the time.

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