Sunday, 15 September 2013

since when are the 30's "getting old"?

I am training for another 1/2 marathon (first in almost 3yrs) and I am SO achy after my long runs! I know getting old does mean that we "feel" our bodies more when we challenge them but seriously..I'm only 33!! I have had SO many clients in my 13+ years of training tell me that between 30-35 is when they noticed certain things like losing weight, eating right, not gaining weight when you even thought about dessert all go harder. Well I'm feeling you my friends!
I do have to add that I have had ACL replacement surgery in the one knee that is giving me the aches so I know that is a huge factor BUT i have run MANY long races since my surgery 15yrs ago without many issues. I know have to ice bath, traumeel and stretch like a banshee to walk somewhat normal the next day!
anyways, just an observation about life in its different stages..and how its hitting me!

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