Thursday, 12 September 2013

Like Looking In the Mirror

So my oldest daughter started back to gymnastics last night and as a part of her 3hr program they do a strength segment towards the end. So i see them pair up and then they are given a certain # of pushups and sit ups to do, the partner is to count for them. So i watch my daughter bang out her 20 sit ups, then its her turn to count for her partner. This little girl got to 16 then had to take a break then all i hear from Abby is "You are at 16, COME ON JUST DO IT!"...then the little girl does another 2 then stops and again Abby's voice is heard saying "JUST DO IT! They were both laughing by the way.
I watched the same thing happen with their push ups and I just about died! It was like watching Jillian Michaels on the biggest loser...tough love!
That's your smile for the day from me!

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