Thursday, 28 June 2012

Challenge Yourself...with me!!

I hear quite frequently from clients, friends, acquaintances..."Oh I could never do that" but i just want to grab their shoulders and say "YES YOUR CAN, Let me show you!".
I have registered for the Angus Glen 1/2 marathon this Nov (5 months away). This race also has a 5km & 10km race where you can run or walk with all distances. I don't expect everyone to run the 1/2 marathon with me but I'm putting the challenge out to clients and friends yourself what you can do.
The key to reaching longer distances is training. You don't EVER increase your distance of your long run by more than 10% per week and there should only be 1 "long run" per week. So during the week your distances will not be super time consuming and during the week-end take the time to get your longer run in.
If you have any questions about training schedules or just "Where should you start", contact me and I would love to help you.
You do not need to run the whole race or even 10min:1min, you do what your body can handle and allow you to feel challenged but successful at the end. It all about the challenge and the FINISH LINE! There is nothing line the adrenaline and emotion of all your training coming together to get you to that finish line.
If you are in York Region and want to join us on this Challenge, LET'S do it together.

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