Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Personal Training through Skype!!

Many of my clients head up to their cottages over the summer and its very hard to be diligent and dedicated to your workouts when its so gorgeous outside and with entertaining friends and family a lot. So most often, these clients will come back to reality in Sept and take 4-6wks to get back to where they were at when they left and even more than that many times to get the weight they put on off!
So when i mentioned to a client that I was going to be investing in a new laptop for work and looking and adding workout videos to you tube for clients she asked if there was any way we could train over the computer! I NEVER would have thought of this idea without that question! So, needless to say, we will be skype training 1-2x per week through the whole summer and she won't miss a beat or lose any results she has gained over the winter and spring. 
Its exactly the same at a personal training session; clients book a time slot with me 30-45mins and then I will "call" them at that time and then we are off and running. I can view technique, change programs to progress, deal with issues that may come up as far a mild aches/pains and modify the program for them, and more!
So this idea could be done for anyone, anywhere really! I have dreamed of reaching more people but just haven't really figured out how yet...NOW IT BEGINS! I am so excited to be able to help so many more people begin their healthy lifestyle journey and many people reach the goals they have been trying to for so long! The Internet is an amazing tool people!
Let me know if you are interested in this service for yourself.
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