Sunday, 17 June 2012

"Whine" & Dine!!

Another amazing Couples Bootcamp @ Performance Fitness last night. I focused more on the partner challenges and using your partner as part of the exercise more than just doing your own thing beside your spouse and it was so much FUN! I love seeing spouses laugh with each other and sweat with each other! I think being active together is a VERY important part of a relationship, it shows your spouse that you want to be healthy and feel good and look your best with and for each other. Its usually very hard to find activities that spouse like to do together; hockey is for the boys, spin class or workout classes are for the ladies, you get the gist.
For the first time though, last night we had all 5 couples go out for dinner together after the workout! I really do like making the social aspect just as important as the workout. Why not meet some new friends and other couples that are like minded in their want to stay healthy together. We had a BLAST!
If you are interested in a unique way to start off your date night and want to join some awesome people for laughs in the studio, e-mail me and we'll get you registered. We have 2 dates for Couples Bootcamp...which i may change the name is "Whine and Dine"...kidding!

July 7th- 5:30-6:45pm (Space for 2 more couples)
July 26th- 5:30-6:45pm (Space for 3 more couples)
e-mail me at

ONLY $40/couple

See you in July!

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