Monday, 25 June 2012

Interesting Appt with my M.D. today

And the saga continues but today thankfully was a little bit better interaction with my M.D. than last time. I was quite nervous about my appointment this afternoon to discuss my results from the hormone testing that my Naturopath did for me because I had gone to my doctor asking for the requisition to have this same testing done and she had denied me. Well apparently my doctor didn't remember that conversation ever happened so that was a good start for me.
She took me back to my water pill for my blood pressure which I had wanted and hopefully work my way off any medication completely through diet changes, no questions at all there so I was pleased. Then i showed her the results from my saliva testing and how elevated my testosterone levels were and she said she has NO IDEA how the saliva testing is measured so she couldn't comment on it at all. So i spun my comment around very calculated to get the answer I wanted and said "well, I know you mentioned blood work is the most accurate testing so could you give me the requisition for my testosterone and then we'll know for sure?" and i got the answer I wanted without a single rebuttal! She did ask me why my Naturopath did the testing in the first place so I told her I asked. The main concern I do have about the blood work for my testosterone levels now is I was never told if I need to go on a certain day of my cycle or a certain time of day. So when she told me 2 months ago that i wasn't allowed to do the testing and when i spoke about she finally shot back "because its not accurate"...but shes totally fine allowing me to do it now. It just seems strange to me. I will now ask my Naturopath when in my cycle I should go to ensure accurate results.
The most interesting thing out of the whole conversation for me was when I asked her what elevated testosterone levels meant, she told me "well some people just have more" and I mentioned that there is some concern about possibility of ovarian cysts and high levels of testosterone can be a sign of that, she looked at me quite confused! Interesting!
I also asked her to go over my results from previous blood work so she read it all for me, I will be asking for a copy of that for my own person files as well.
Keep yourself educated people and go to your doctor prepared and informed about your options. Always know that you can ask questions if you don't feel like things have been explained fully. Understand what and why testing is being done and keep lines of communication fully open between you and your health care practitioner.

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